Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Internet Filters

I really thought that having a filter in the internet is safe enough. But when i found this internet filters, it made me realized that internet filters alone isn't enough to have my computer protected from pornographic material that pops out in the computer without my knowledge and no warning. It is a necessity that i get this internet filter so i can see those hidden pornographic material that can't be seen just by my naked eyes. I was really impressed how this thing can do good to my computer because if i wear the SurfRecon i can see those hidden pornographic materials. This is really amazing and i am now convincing you that you should have this internet filters as well so you can see what's hidden on your computer and your kids will be protected from those pornographic websites.

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Matthew Yarro said...

You can download a free evaluation of SurfRecon at www.surfrecon.com/download/

You should also learn about the ABCs of Internet Safety, pornography detection tools, and the limitations of filters.