Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He's Very Excited!

I can't think of anything what to give to my son this coming Christmas. When we talk about toys, he's got so much and always scattered everywhere i sometimes gets tired keep picking them up and put them away. In fact, i got really mad last night because i just barely put his toys away and little bit after he got them scattered again. I know, i know that he's just a kid and that is normal for a kid like him to play. But i tried to explain and let him understand that i cannot always follow his mess and clean it up for him, he's got to learn to put his toys away so i don't have to get rid some of it.

So, i was looking here in the net what is the best thing i can give for my dear young man. And i cam across to this disney figurine. And it gave me an idea that this is really a perfect gift for my dear son. He will love this toy figurines that i am going to put on his room table and his headboard beside his neat lamp. And this is not just figurines, there's a lot of cartoon characters that i can choose from that he likes most like for example pooh, tigger and other friends. He is really excited upon seeing these toy figurines that i viewed just a little while ago. Just for fun and to be different this time, i would like my son to understand that figurines is for looking and if he wants to play with them, he's got to learn how to put them back to its original place.

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