Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interesting Hobby

I just couldn't stop myself from scrapping now. As i learned the techniques to it little by little, i become more interested to learn more so i can scrap like the what i call them EXPERTS. I really love their scrapping and everytime i view their design layouts, it makes me wanna make my own more. I love this hobby and it got me more excited to make more and learn more to it. I hope that in the future, i can design some layouts like the experts.

Anyway, these photos was taken when i just barely got there in Philippines. This was in my aunt Fely's house in Cebu. Her daughter Mariz (wearing stripe green top), celebrated her 16th birthday. This is just some member of my dear beloved family namely Mariz my cousin, Ate Josie my aunt(my mother's youngest sister), Tita Mods my sister in-law( my brother's wife), Jamaica my niece(Tita Mods and my brother's daughter), Lola(Nanay's mother), and of course yours truly. I got big family and i love them all.


SHIELA said...

Well done. Maayo pa ka, ako wa jud koy talent ana. Tudlui unya ko :)

Amy said...

great job madame! igo lang ko ani maibog sa inyo mga scrapping designs.. ambot lang wa man jud koy patience ani uy:(

nice family photos:)

Raquel said...

I can see you are improving og nagka nindot na imong scrapping. Btw, you have a nice and happy family in the Philippines. Your photos makes me miss my family there too.

rencalago said...

that were an excellent photos..
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simplymama said...

Dai unsaon mana kay aron makabalo sad ko, bitaw oi nindot gyud oi as in...pwede ko patudlo aron malingaw sad ko heheheh