Thursday, November 20, 2008

Windy Thursday

I was gonna go to the store earlier with my son to buy some groceries but i decided not to because it is too windy outside. We get strong wind here so often because we are on top of the mountain. The elevation here is like almost 5000 feet high above sea level. I don't like going outside and the wind is so strong. Even my son noticed it and told me to look outside from the window. Christmas is getting so close and the air is just freezing for me already. I can't believe that it is Thursday already. one more working day and hubby won't be working for the whole week next week due to Thanksgiving holiday.

Before Christmas we have to celebrate the Thanksgiving first. I think we are not going to celebrate the holiday so special. We'll keep it simple since that day is also my husband's birthday. And i am hoping that next week is not gonna be windy like today so we can go out and have dinner somewhere. When it's windy like this, i just love to curl up my feet inside the sheet and drink some hot chocolate milk like what i am doing now.

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simplymama said...

dri dili man hangin dai pero tugnaw na kaayo mangurog na akong kamot inig gawas. Happy Thanksgiving in advance kay basin makalimot ko. Luto ka Turkey dai?