Monday, July 30, 2007

Whatta Nice Day!

Good morning my dearest friends & valued guests.Well it's Monday again & we cannot stop it!lol!How was your weekend guys?Hope all of you had fun with your families,coz i did!Anyways,yesterday is the only rest day of poor hubby,so we spent the day as family day,quality time with my dearest family. In the morning hubby just watched TV in the basement where it's more cooler,while Me & My silly Son was goofing around the camera while gobbling the sucker.Here are some pictures i took.

Then later after,we went out & ate lunch in the restaurant together with my Father in law.He's such a generous guy & a thoughtful person as well.He went out to camping for a week & because we're just neighbors,my husband did the errand in his dad's yard & did some stuff in his house that made his dad happy.So as a payment for my husband the took care of his house while he's gone,he invited us to eat lunch.He's always like that,he wants to pay back for the goodness of others to him.Anyways,i took some pictures again but Grampa(i use to call my father in law that way coz he got lots of grand kids already)he doesn't want me to take him a picture he said he's shy lol!So i just took picture three of us.

So that's how we spend our Sunday.Simple yet very memorable for us.Hope you guys had fun viewing the photos.Thanks for all your thoughts & love that you showed to me i really appreciate it.Keep coming back!

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Face Behind The Blog

Nobody is perfect in this world,so am i. Behind that sweet smile was a hidden awful past.I'm just a girl who had horrible past that made me strong facing every struggles & problems i had encountered & i'd rather not share that bad part of my life with you guys.I have a big family,i'm the youngest among the girls,got three more younger brothers.My Real name is Darlene Salutis Stout,26 years old presently living in Utah USA with my small happy family.I was born under the chinese calendar year of Rooster a zodiac sign of Pisces,March 04,1981.I was born & raised in Philippines so i must say that i am a true blooded Filipina myself.I grew up so tough,no one would ever dare to touch me or they will get something from me.During my school days my classmates were scared to talk to me because i'm not a friendly type.I only have one bestfriend that still lasts until now but sadly got no more communications with her,but still i'm always thinking of her.Bitterness & hatred lived in my heart for a long time,coz i let it to.I hate people who are trying to take advantage the goodness of others & i hate hypocrites.I don't care if i don't have lots of friends coz i can live without them,i can survive without them,i don't care what they think of me coz i know better myself than they do.Their gossips about me doesn't affect to me at all coz i always put in my mind that they do the gossiping coz they're envious & jealous.But what wonders me is why they have to get envy & jealous of me?They don't have to.

Teenage time is not that exciting for me unlike the usual girls,guys are scared of me too,i was known as a tigress that's why they hesitated to talk to me & get to know more about me,well that's good!I don't wanna know about them either,i'm not interested.After graduated from highschool i wasn't able to continue my studies to college due to financial problem.My father died before i graduated in highschool, my mother doesn't have stable job to support me if ever i go to college.So at the very young age i looked for a good job and luckily found one.I worked there for almost 5 years & decided to resign after.I moved to Manila & got a new job there as cashier in Famous restaurant "Lydia's Lechon".

Year 2004 when my Aunt came home for a vacation & got a letter for me from her good friend.We met around August & he proposed marriage,and i accepted his proposal with all my heart.He is the man for me,not perfect but he's perfect in my eyes because of his imperfections.I did realized that God is so good to me,although i have encountered a lot of trials in my life but here i am now having such a wonderful life with my small yet happy & harmonic family.I never dreamed to be here in the country of milk & honey but God brought me here to build my own family.I couldn't ask for anything more,i have everything now that makes me happy.Yet i cannot forget my horrible past but i'm trying to learn to leave it behind & live happy.The bitterness & hatred that lived in my heart for a long time was replaced by Love & Joy.

A lot of people was amazed of my changes,they said i changed a lot,for better not for worse lol!That's a good sign!I am having more friends now compared to my younger years.I became friendly & more outgoing now.But don't dare to mess up with me,you don't wanna see the worst of me.I am really a good friend but can be very dangerous enemy.I won't bite friends if they won't bite me first,i treasure good friends in my heart & keep them forever.That's how i treat of what we call "true friends".

And here’s the instruction to this meme :

1st step - Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already showed a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

2nd step - Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference.

3rd step - Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.

4th step -If you link back to me here and send an email I’ll be sure to include links back to you. Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

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Got this tag from Irel, Ivy , Rainel Jeanne & Dauphine.
Thank you so much guys!Now i'm tagging, KittyKat,Claire,
Juzahlyn & Wendy.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sure Feels Good!

Finally it did RAIN yesterday here in Utah!It cooled down the temperature from 110 to 77 degree farenheit,isn't that nice?The rain was really pouring so hard,it causes a little flood to downhill places because the ground has been hardened for a while that's why it didn't absorb the rain right away because it was a very sudden & hard rain.It would've been nicer if the rain poured so slow so it won't cause flood.I was impressed by the cops here too because they guided the motorists on the road,they blinked their lights to warn ahead that there's something going on on the downhill place.There's 4 mobile police car parked in the middle of the road each of them parked 300 feet away.So the motorists will be warned ahead of time,before they get to the downhill place where the flood is.It suddenly flashed in my mind that poor Philippines,cops are not that way,they will just respond if already something happened,like somebody died due to floods or whatever calamities it is.I still can't forget that i was being so rude & sarcastic to one police man there in Philippines because i was bragging how good are the cops here,they don't corrupt,you'll be in trouble if you bribe them,very loyal to their job & they're perfectly fit to their job because they don't have big belly hanging out from their belt.Then this cop that i'm talking about reacted to what i said.This is what he said, "Are you talking about me?" Then i replied, "No i didn't say a cops name,did you hear what i just said?It depends on you how to deal with what i just said.I just compared to what i saw in my naked eyes the big difference here in my country & in USA,i think that's one reason why Philippines has no progress at all!I just feel sorry to the innocent people here that are trying to have a better life but they end up drowning because the management is,as i would say not that excellent, what do you say?" Then the cop just didn't say anything anymore,he just stared at me coz he can't prove that what i said is not true. Anyways, i saw those cops because we went to the next city from where we live,that's the only city close here where it has filipino grocery store.After we had our groceries,hubby took me to Carl's Jr. I can't forget from the very first day i got here in United States Of America,my Uncle Ken took my husband to Carl's Jr. coz they want to surprise me how big is the burger here.When they got home they brought a SIX DOLLAR BURGER and they want me to eat it by myself alone!They laughed their heads off because my eyes almost popped out when i saw the burger that it was huge for me,can hardly bite it through my poor little mouth.They did took a picture of me biting that huge thing.I just thought of sharing it.This photos below was taken two years ago. We went back home yesterday and it was still raining.It sure feels good yesterday that it really cooled down.I hope it'll rain some more once in a while so the trees will be happy and so as us the residents that feels so hot!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Best Quality

Got this TAG from Grace.Thank you Grace for tagging me,just keep it coming i won't refuse lol!And now i'm going to tag,IVY,LOTIS,HAZE,RAINEL,IREL,DAFF,& ANNE.

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Loving

Your best quality is loving! People like you because of your loving nature. You are a nice person that cares about others. Your loving nature makes you a good friend.




Sense of Humor


What's Your Best Quality?
Take More Quizzes

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Prime Number

Got this tag from Manay Vicki Bonbon.Thanks Manay for the tags i finally did it!

Three things that scare me

1.Losing one of my family member
2.When my baby get sick so bad
3.When i die & my goal in life is not yet finished

Three people who make me laugh

1.My Hubby
2.My Son
3.My Younger Bros.

Three things I love


Three things I hate

1.Wait for somebody who's not coming anyway
2.Talking to a hypocrite person
3.To be in a liqour or smoking party

Three things I don’t understand

1.Why people are fighting in the world
2.Why bad people are still exist in this world
3.Why sometimes we need to cry & not be happy all the time

Three things on my desk

1.Computer Desk Top
2.Study Lamp

Three things I am doing right now

1.Feeding my Son
2.Doing this tag

Three things I want to do before I die

1.I want to see my son got married & happy with his wife & having their own babies.
2.Want to bring my Mother here in Utah.
3.Also my brothers i want them to have a good life ahead of them.

Three things I can do

1.I can be a very good Friend
2.I can be very dangerous enemy too
3.I can keep very confidential secrets

Three things I can’t do

1.Making pixels in the computer
2.To ride a very wild rides
3.To mow our lawn

Three things I think you should listen to

1.Family's concerns
2.Someone's explainations
3.A friend's crying for help

Three things you should never listen to

3.Nasty words

Three things I would like to learn

1.To forget my horrible past
2.Not to be high tempered
3.Not to be sarcastic to an idiot people

Three favourite foods

1.Bam i or Pansit bihon
3.Tinolang isda

Three shows I watched as a kid….or when I am here already

3.American Idol

Three people I am tagging

3.Rainel Jeanne

No rush guys!Just take your time....Have a great day!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Back!

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday to all of us!I'm finally back in blogging!Did you miss me guys?lol! I really miss blogging,i miss you friends too!Anyways,i never had the chance to get online & update my blog couple of days ago because our landline phone carrier was changed & because i am just using dial up internet,my poor internet is hooked up to our landline phone. Hopefully soon we'll get the high-speed internet after we buy a new computer coz my computer is getting old & slow already,hubby thought that a good christmas presents for me this year would be a new computer,wow!I'm gettin' so excited to have a new one.Thank you for all the friends who keep leaving message in my chatterbox,i really appreciate it,it means a whole lot to me.
Ok so much for now friends just want you to let you know that i'm back & ready to rumble again lol!Have a great day friends & godbless us all!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gone For A While

Hi to all my friends!Just want to leave a short message telling you guys that i'll be gone for a while due to some personal matters that needs to be settled.I'll be back soon as i get the chance.Hopefully i can get back by sometime next week coz i cannot live without my computer lol!So,see you around later guys!Have a happy weekend ahead!Godbless us all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Tired Boys

Everyday my Son is always looking for his Dad everytime he wakes up in the morning.He'll peek in the back porch window see if his Dad is just around in the backyard then he'll call his Dad so loud so his Daddy can hear him & will let him get out & play outside.That's my Son's daily routine,lol!Coz every morning during week days we're the two of us only will be left in the house.After he wakes up i'll feed him then let him watch educational channel on the TV (PBS Kids.Org).Then i'll do some stuff like turning on the computer or like today i been cutting some denim pants to make a blocks so i can make it a king size blanket of ours & will use it during winter.I just have this idea when i saw an old lady holding a big denim blanket made by her,i got curious & asked her if she bought the denim fabrics,she told me she just bought some reject pants & cut it off & make blocks out of it to make it more useful.So anyways,my Son seems to know when is the time for his Dad to get home,he always stays in the back porch by the door waiting for his dad to arrive.And soon as his Dad will turn the door knob he'll get so excited!He will tell his Dad to go somewhere "Dad waki peace" instead of "Dad wagon ride please" hahaha he sounds so cute everytime he begs his Dad to go outside & give him a wagon ride. That's their daily routine too,soon Daddy gets home he'll give his precious Son a quick wagon ride then come back.Yesterday,my poor Hubby was really exhausted from work & our Son also was about to have his nap time.When they got home from wagon ride,Hubby turned on the TV & i was in the sewing room cutting the pants.Little bit later,i heard nothing in the front room except the TV was talking by itself.I thought the Father & Son took off again.But when i got there in the front room here's what i found......

Oh they look so tired!So i just let them rest but Hubby woke up little bit after i took this pic.Good thing he didn't caught me lol!He moved to our bed & he continued his nap there.They look so cute in my eyes i can't help to take picture of them fell asleep in the couch & both snoring.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Long Lasting Life

Who do you think can resist the delicious taste of FILIPINO food so called "for long lasting life" PANSIT BIHON OR BAM-I?I don't think anybody can,not even Americans,they love that stuff. Everytime there's an occasions here i always prepare that kind of recipe,coz i love it,my family loves it & so as my friends.I remember when i was young everytime my Mom cook a Pansit,i ask her what's the occasion,coz she said if there's birthday there must be pansit in the table for goodluck & wishing the celebrant a long life.Even during christmas,new years,fiestas,& etc pansit is always present in the dining table. But since i got here in Utah,once i a while i cook pansit eventhough there is no occasion not just pansit,some food too like afritada,menudo,adobo,humba,nilat ang baka,chapseuy & etc which is we usually cook those kinda food during every there's accasions isn't it?Well,i guess it's different here in America,maybe because i am always wanting to eat filipino food once in a while that's why. I hope you guys loves pansit too.Daghan pag salin diri ngayo lang if gusto kay akong initon sa microwave hehehehehe.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Things About Me

Good morning everyone!Happy Monday to all of us.Hope that you had fun during your weekends.Well,about me i just stayed home with my family.We didn't do a whole lot of fun coz hubby had his overtime last Saturday so i decided not to go anywhere coz he is weak & tired,so i just let him rest yesterday(Sunday).

Anyways,I got tagged from JennyR!Try for yourself too but don't cheat! Read the answers after you are done answering!

I'm tagging Mommy Ai,Rainel,Noreen,Ivy,Janine,
,Irel,& Julai.

1.Your favorite : red, black, green, blue, yellow?

2.Your first initial?

3.What month were you born in?

4.Which color do you like more, black or white?

5.Name one of your friends?
*Richel & Juralyn

6.Your favorite number?

7.Do you like Flying or Driving more?

8.Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
* Ocean

9.Think of a wish, but don't write it.

Answers at comment box!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Words Could Kill

I got tagged again by Pretty Ivy.Ivs here's the tagay.Thank you again,is there any more?Keep tagging me,lol!

1.If someone said you look nice you'd say...
> >>Oh!Thank you very much,Whatta compliment!

2.If someone said you sound weird you'd say...
> >>Am i?

3.If someone said you're surprisingly intelligent you'd say...
> >>It's not a surprise really,i know myself better than you do

4.If someone said he/she doesn't like you, you'd say...
> >>Who cares!

5.If someone said your last relationship's break-up was your fault you'd say...
> >>Partly yes,but i made the decision because it's not gettin' any better

6.If someone said you're heartless you'd say...
> >>If i am heartless,i'm probably dead by now,lol!

7.If someone said you have bad friends you'd say...
> >>Some friends are pretenders,& i cannot change them for who they are

8.If someone said you need an attitude make-over you'd say...
> >>Oh yeah?Tell me about it?

9.If someone said you don't get hurt at all, you'd say...
> >>Maybe you just don't notice it because i'm a good secret keeper myself

10.If someone said you're selfish you'd say...
> >>How dare you to say that?Do you know me that well?

11.What's the funniest thing that someone said today?
> >>That someone said he miss me so bad lol!

12.What would you say to someone who betrayed you behind your back?
> >>Good thing you did that,you show off your natural color!

13.What is the ultimate "kilig" line for you?
> >>You're smart & gorgeous,someone keep saying that to me,is it true?lol!

14.What is the best love line you heard so far?
> >>'Twas my husband's line when he proposed marriage.He said this "I DIDN'T FEEL REGRET AT ALL TO COME THIS FAR BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH THAN THE DIAMOND RING THAT I'M GOING TO PUT IN YOUR FINGER NOW" Isn't that lovely?lol!

15.If words could kill,what words would kill you?
> >>This is over!This is not gonna last!

Now i'm tagging the friends in my lists.Grab it while it's hot!Lol!
Oh before i forget today is friday the 13th.Take care guys!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Filipino Breakfast

When i was young my mother used to cook of what we call "CHAMPORADO".Even when we're grown up still she likes to prepare that breakfast for us but she cannot eat it herself coz it's not good for her health,she has a high-blood pressure.Cocoa can raise blood pressure pretty quick.Good thing my mother is being so careful of what she must not to eat & she's very strict how to control her daily diet,like not to eat a whole lot of carbohydrates which is RICE is the basic food in Philippines.Anyway,when i went to visit them last february,i asked her if she could make that favorite champorado of mine so my baby can try her breakfast specialty.She did,i fed my son & he really loves it.So my mom told me that if i come back here make sure i'll bring the "TABLIYA" with me which is the main ingredients of champorado.I did brought some with me & i cook champorado not very often coz my tabliya is running out lol! Here's some pictures today that i took & i am now feeding it to my son & he sure love it!

See!Isn't this delicious?Yummy!Especially if you put condensed milk on top of it!
Hope you guys are gettin' full eating my special Champorado,lol!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Cravings

Lately i haven't cook any special for my family,it's not because i am lazy it's because food will spoil so easy because of the weather,it's summer!And if it's summer food spoils or rots so quick i don't know why.But yesterday,i went to SMITH'S grocery store to look for something to cook & something for my son too.It's just a block away so we hurriedly went there while the sun isn't so hot yet,we exactly went there like nine o'clock in the morning.I went straight to veggies & fruit stand to see what i can get.Sometimes their veggies & especially fruits are high priced that's why we usually go to fruit or veggies market during summer coz it's a lot cheaper compared to this store.Oh well,i'm not gonna get a whole lot though,that's what i said to myself.So,i got 4 pieces of potatoes,2 pieces of ginger, & a piece of green cabbage.Then i was roaming around to look for more that i wanna get like cinnamon bread for a dollar. Lastly,i went to meat department which i saw the pork shoulder,it's rarely that they have display for something like this.Usually their displays are pork chops,or diced cut.So i grabbed that one left & paid the stuff i got in the counter.Soon as i got home i prepared the food that's what in my mind.I was craving for soup lately so i am sure i would love to have this recipe in my mind.I peel the potatoes,i cut the cabbage,peel the ginger & cut the pork shoulder,& cooked it!Soon as the soup was cooked,i had a big bowl from it & i ate it all gone!Hmmmm,soooo yummy!So,for you not to imagine what kind of recipe is this,it's a filipino food called"NILAGANG BABOY" Here's the pic while i was cooking it.

Lami Noh?Hehehehe.Just message me if you're interested how to cook it.
Happy wednesday friends!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Random Things About Me

The Rules: "Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves.At the end of the post,that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do."

Pretty Ivy has tagged me with the "8 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME" meme.
So heres my answer Pretty Ivy.

1.)When i was in gradeschool i only have few close friends coz they said they're scared to make friends with me coz i'm a tigress lol!

2.)When i was a little girl,some of my classmates got envy of me coz my mother likes to buy me a dozens of different beautiful dresses,hair ties,shoes,& cute purses.

3.) I grew up having tough life,which made me stronger now,i thank GOD for not leaving me all the time.

4.)I used to help my mother to sell banana cues,binignit,maruya & etc.That was the time that we're really down,no one helped us.

5.)I got my very first job at the age of 17 in the electronics company.Young but active,small but terrible.

6.)I'm a generous,caring,thoughtful,& loving daughter,sister,friend,wife & a mother.

7.)I love my family more than i love myself.

8.)I am always looking forward for each & everyday that GOD will give me for it's another day of my life to spend with my family & friends.


Monday, July 9, 2007

My Little Fisherman

Good morning friends!How are you today?Hope all is well & everything is under control lol!.Anyway,today is Monday.The very first day that my hubby went back to work,coz they had a week shutdown in their company last week.Yesterday was the last day of his long vacation,& now back to work again.Poor daddy,he has to work or else we're gonna starved lol! Well,i just wanna share you guys what they did with our son yesterday afternoon,they went fishing!Where?Just in our backyard lol!.Here's the pictures during their fishing,hope you'll enjoy viewing `em!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

How Am I Today?

This is a tag from Pretty Ivy again.Thank you Ivs here's my answer now.Happy Sunday Everyone!

1.Where is your dad right now?
*He's in his grave

2.Last time you kissed someone?
*This morning

3.Name five things you did today
*Eating breakfast
*Snuggling with my hubby
*Play with my son
*Turned on the computer
*Doing this survey

4.Last person you text messaged?
*My mom last night

5.What kind of phone do you have?
*Don't have cellphone right now

6.Where does your best friend work?
*She's not working

7.What are you listening to?
*Silly bird singing in my friendster account.

8.What do you smell like?
*Pan os wa pa man ko maligo hehehehe

9.What color are your eyes?
*Dark Brown

10.Have you ever done a chinese fire drill?
*Never,but in my previous job i did

11.What color is your bedroom floor?
*Mixed colored carpet

12.Do you have a chair in your room?

13.What are you doing tomorrow?
*Maybe going to make the denim blanket that i been planning for a long time

14.Do you know someone named Betsy?

15.What color is your mom`s hair?

16.Do you have a dog?
*In pinas,we named him butsoy

17.Do you remember singing any songs as a kid?
*Yeah.I love that song that my teacher taught me when i was in first grade.B-U-T-T-E-R F-L-Y butterfly 12x.

18.Are you married?
*I am.

19.When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
*Last week

20.Do you play an instrument?

21.Do you like fire?
*It depends with the situation

22.Are you allergic to anything?
*Yes,seafoods like crabs,octupus,squids,lobsters & etc.

23.Do you have a crush on anyone?
*I can't think of anyone

24.Do you have a best friend?
*Yeah,her name is Richel

25.Have you ever been to a spa?
*Yeah!When i was in Pinas,not here in Tate too expensive

26.Did you take science all four years of high school?

27.Do you like butterflies?
*Yeah,I love 'em

28.Do you miss someone right now?
*My family in Pinas

29.Do you think they miss you too?
*I hope so

30.Have you ever seen your school counselor?

31.Have you ever wanted to be ateacher?
*Nope,can't think myself teaching naughty kids i might cut their ears lol!

32.What is one thing you've learned about life?
*Always look forward ahead,don't lose hopes in the present,it's not the end of everything yet.

33.What's your favorite color?
*Light colors

34.Is anyone jealous of you?
*Yeah,i guess there's some,but they don't have to.I am just a simple wife & a loving mother,not a popular one.

35.Ever been stuck in an elevator?
*Never in my life & i hope it won't happen to me

36.What does your mom call you?

37.What's your hair look like?
*Straight long black hair

38.Has a friend ever used you?
*I can't remember,i don't wanna be used coz i don't want to use any friends of mine either.

39.Has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?
*Yeah.A lot of times when i was single lol!

40.What have you eaten today?
*Bowl of cold cereal

41.Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

42.Who was the last person you drove with?
*My hubby & our son

43.What are you looking forward to?
*looking forward to see an OB doctor

44.How are you today?
*Not too good but not too bad either

And i'm tagging friends in my lists,Feel free to grab this tag.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ex-Bf's Conversation

This is a tag from Rainel Jeanne long time ago but wasn't able to do it coz of some personal reason bothered me so much.So here's the tag Dae Rainel,thank you for tagging me.

Directions:What if one day,your ex will talk to you with the stuff below what would be your honest answers?

Ex bf:Bakit ba kasi pinakawalan pa kita?
>It's because we're not really meant for each other to be together forever.

Ex bf:Pwede ba makipagbalikan?
>I don't think so,i'll be stupid if i do that,i'm quite happy with my family now.

Ex Bf:Alam mo mas masaya ako sayo noon.
>So am i.But things will happen for a reason,you know what i mean?

Ex Bf:Mahal pa rin kita!
>Thank you,appreciate it but my heart belongs to my husband now.

Ex Bf:Sana maitama natin yung mali natin noon noh!?
>I already did myself,that's why i have my husband now & not you.

Ex Bf:Kailan nga ba tayo huling nag-usap?
>I can't remember either maybe because i am not thinking of you no more.

Ex Bf:Pwede bang samahan mo ako?
>I can't go without tagging along my family.

Ex Bf:Lagi kitang napapanaginipan.
>Hope it's not nasty lol!

Ex Bf: You still love me?
>Hate to say this but the answer is NO.

Ex Bf:Alam mo pinagsisihan ko lahat ng maling nagawa ko sa iyo?
>Well you must be.Coz i tried to work things out for us then but you were too high to reach.

Ex Bf:Sorry di natupad promise ko sa iyo noon na ikaw lang.
>Actually you did,unless you are about to settle down now,which is good for you.

Ex Bf:Ayaw ng parents ko sayo kaya nahirapan ako noon!
>Yeah,i noticed that.Good thing i didn't say yes when you propose to me,it'll be a terrible life we're gonna have that's for sure.

Ex Bf:Sabi kasi ng mga friends ko kung sinu-sino lang kasama mong men.
>Whoah!Wow They must be envious coz they're spying on me.

Ex Bf:Maganda ka talaga!
>Thank you so much for the compliment.

Ex Bf:You change a lot.
> I definitely did.There's no constant in this world but changes right?

Ex Bf:Are you desperate?
>What do you think?If i am desperate i wouldn't be happy like i am now.

Ex Bf:Bakit ka nagpakasal sa matandang foreigner?
>Age doesn't matter as long as He loves me unconditionally & taking care of me.

Ex Bf:Hahahaha, pero kahit malaki sa mga foreigner malambot naman!
>How did you know?That's odd!Have you tried yet?Lol!

Ex Bf:Hindi naman pasakitan iyon!
>I don't get you

Ex Bf:Liberated ka na yata.
>It depends of who i am talking to.

Ex Bf:Masaya ka ba sa kanya?
>That's a very good question.YES!we have a small happy family together.

Ex Bf:Ito na ang huli nating pag-uusap.
>Well,so long.Hope you'll find your own happiness,goodluck!

Ex Bf:Sana maging happy ka at hindi mo pagsisihan ang pagpakasal sa kanya.
>Oh thank you for the wish,you don't need to,I am happy already being with my husband & our Son.

I am tagging who feels like doing this.I don't want to oblige my friends to this tag hehehehe.

Happy weekend & godbless us all!