Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tagay En Grande


Na hala ako nalang ni tingbon tanan tagay kay perti naman ni natibo naman tanan.Tan awon nato kung makaabot pako sa tumoy aning akong post,kung makaabot pa gani pasabot nga nakaya nako ug yarok tanan sa way kusmod,lol! Salamat sa mga nagtagay nako hubog nako.hikhikhik.

From Melody

Dress In Style
*I like shorts,sleeveless top,or low waist pants.

My Eating Habits
*I don't eat a lot like i used to.I only eat a lot if pinay friends will gather for a party.

Gimmick Nights
*I used to do this when i was single but not anymore when i got married.I would prefer now to dine out with my own family.

What I Wear
*It depends to the occasion.If it's formal party,park party,or if i go to mall or if i go to just friend's house.

From Ramses & Anne

10 Things I Hate

Food:Food that has poison lol!Exotic food that makes me puke even if just look at it,looks so nasty.

People:Hypocrites,users,taking advantage of the goodness of others,liars & corrupt politicians.

Event/Situation:When i wait for somebody that will not come anyway,to be stuck in the group of people that likes to gossip someone else's life.

TV shows/movies:War movies,too much special effects.

Music:Hard core metal,rock & other noisy stuff that you cannot call music no more.

Household chores:Folding washed clothes,moping the kitchen floor.

Thing/s around the world:Wars & corruption.

Season/s:Winter,terrible season for me i can't go out whenever i want to.

Insects:Mostly insects i don't like.

Habit/Behavior:Same answers as in people column.

From Lotis

1.Two things you always bring in your bag ( aside from wallet)

2.Two Tv shows/telenovelas you love to watch
*Most amazing video
*Lifetime channel

3.Two softdrinks you enjoyed drinking

4.Two books you love reading
*Sorry i'm not fond of books,i'm not a bookworm

5.Two places you would love to visit

6.Two hobbies you enjoyed

7.Two actors you would love to date
*I'm not really crazy about the actors

8.Two websites you never fail to open everyday aside from email and your own blogs/site

9.Two fondest childhood memories
*Being one of the parade band
*Being always active in extra curricular activities

10.Two scary incident/accident/instance that you will never forget
*When i was in grade one,there's a rumor that there's a satanic group collecting kids to offer to their Satanic God
*When i was just in gradeschool,we agreed to go to the beach & i almost drowned.

Woi nahuman man diay nako pero medyo barag-barag nako kapila na ni nako gi edit kay medyo hubog na hikhikhik lol!Hala biraha nalang ni ang tagay kung kinsay gusto way mupugong lol!


texas_sweetie said...

whoaa hahaha mura nganu bitaw cge ka absent sa atong panag inom awa natingob noon na imong kahubog diha? hahaha bitaw ty sa pag tungab ha. kafait ug nanay anak wipes ug diaper na sulod sa purse imbis mga paguapa haha..

agi kooooowww

Melody said...

helo darl, thanks for taking time doin gthe tag ,cheers!!!

tama jud ka darl, lami ikaon pag pinay circle di ba? hehehhe

babigurl said...

this is cool meme's...mind if I grab it???

lOve your anwers too.


Lolli said...

heheh naabot sa pitong bungtod dae darlene kay imo naman gi tingob :)

Bitaw ay, mas nindot mo kaon pag daghan ba madaghan sad atong hungit. LOL

imong fondest childhood lahi pod ang akoa hehhehe nahuman pod ko ani nga tagay pero sa bisdak nako gi post :)

happy weekend kaninyo diha tanan dae darlene, psensya na nga talagsa ra ko ka lili dire shalan tinuod jud diay pag buntit grabeh ka tapol. LOL