Sunday, September 9, 2007


I got this taggy from MELODY.I am not quite sure if this taggy thing tells the truth coz i don't wear make up as heavy as CHRISTINA AGUILERA.But anyway it is just for fun so why not?I am tagging Ivy,Anne & In-in.

You Are Most Like Christina Aguilera

“I'm experimental by nature...always exploring my creativity.”

I just wanna post this award too that i got from MELODY.She is so nice to post something about me in her blog.Thank you so much MEL you made my heart melt lol!


Melody said...

hi darl, as far as i know christina got a changeable looks and style., maybe you were the same., i like your looks stylish, simple but adorable.,good and catchy attitude as well..
welcome darl, you deserve to be a part of the awardee:-)

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations on that deserving award!