Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Pinay Blast

We had another blast yesterday with the pinays coz it was birthday of one of our dear friend Gloria.But i was really upset coz i accidentally erased some of our nice pictures,Darn!But good thing i was able to take pictures while four of us still there,my dear good close friends.Again,there's plenty of food to mention but i'd rather not coz lat time i posted the food that we ate a lot of readers said that they got hungry after they read my entry lol!So today i won't do that.Just pictures after we celebrated Gloria's birthday.Gloria is wearing stripe collared red long sleeves.

Anyway,when i got home last night there was a comment needs to be moderated in my blog,but when i opened it i was shocked!It's all crap what's written in the comment,so i saved it.I will not post all the crap in that comment,just some coz it's very long comment but i don't think you guys can't stand reading all those crap!Here's some of the comment.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Got A New Purse!": "It is important you recognize corruption is evil. They ask you to do things you shouldn’t be doing, and this will cost you in the eyes of the gods. They warned us temptation would be used to test us, and telepathic requests consitutute temptation. Accept good and apply this standard when you make decisions in your life. Realize this corruption has set your family in the wrong direction. Your efforts to fix your problems will not only help you but also your family, your children and grandchildren, direct descendants within your bloodline, for being a responsible parent and teaching your children the correct way to live will help guide your family in the right direction and help your family re-earn their favor with the gods. DON'T WAIT FOR THE GODS TO ALLOW YOU TO PRAY. They gods AREN'T GOING to give you permission. You have made so many mistakes they no longer want you and won't approve if you ask.MY ADVICE TO YOU ALL is:::Begin to think correctly. People aren't god-fearing anymore. If you understood the misery they inflict upon those they dislike you WOULD BE AFRAID.If you think correctly they would be more likely to be merciful when you do defy.You're just getting older. If you understood the significance of aging you WOULD HAVE GREAT URGENCY and you would begin IMMEDIATELY!!!!And be aware of their tactics, for they will employ them to prevent/delay your understanding. The more you can skip the quicker your learning curve will be.IF YOU ARE NOT ACTIVELY WORKING TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS AND GET OFF PLANET EARTH THEN YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!
"Dear god:::Please let me f**k you harder."?? You joke.

Read the goddamn document for f*****g Christ's sake.

Can you believe that?So of course i rejected that comment!What do you think guys?Is it some kinda virus or what?This is just a short message that ANONYMOUS person left in my comment box."

On the other hand,i got very nice award from Bless,an online friend of mine,she is very nice to chose me as one of her friends.Again,thank you so much Bless for giving me this very nice award I am so happy!


Casey's Mom said...

spam cguro to Darlene.. pictures look great. hapi beerday diay sa imo friend. have a nice day!

recel said...

hi Darl!
nakupoooo! ako rin, nakatanggap rin ng comment from anonymous and i haven't deleted it yet. i'm thinking it's a spam because the content is relly a crap. hmp! i think i'm gonn delete it all after i'm writing this!
anyway, great pics u have! u all 4 look gorgeous and were having fun!
Utah ka pala? layo lang pala natin. nasa Illinois kami, near chicago. cge have a great monday to yah!

lutchi said...

halo Darlene, musta na nalingaw ko sa imong wara-wara og the blanket is very pretty..never done one like that..TC

batang buotan said...

that comes from network evils! just ignore..

Shabem said...

Hmmm ignore nalang na Darlz! Dili ra ba moderated ako-a pero pwede man ma delete sa owner cguro kung na add man galing. Gosh!
Anyway, I am glad you're having fun.
Palayo lang nang mga spammers!

Cornucopia Chronicles said...

Ive got the same one too and even left the other one moderated.

Thats only a spam they copy and paste.

Yupp deleting is the answer, hehehehe.

You all look beautiful btw...

belated happy birthday to your friend.

vicky said...

Funny that you got that message I have also recieved it in both of my blogs reciently. I had to go in and delete it also. They use very bad language. Its aweful someone would waiste their time doing that. The pictures are very nice you look very beautiful.

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your friend. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Sorry about the photos that were erased but I'm sure you have many happy memories.