Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Preggy Got Me


I got this tag from preggy pretty Anne.Thank you buntit for tagging me.I'm tagging Melody,Grace,Jackie,Jenny & Shabem.

1. Love-- Is God,my family,friends & neighbors.

2. Computer/Internet-- Internet is part of my routine,i can't live without it.

3. MP3--I have few MP3's.Sometimes i play them if i feel like it.

4. Food-- Cooking is also one of my interests.I am a very good student when we talk about learning how to cook different kinds of food.

5. Digital Camera-- Is part of me since i got here in America,i capture ordinary days but it is special moments for us my family.

6. Nice cool temperature-- Is my joy.I can go wherever i want to,i can go to my friend's house & not worrying the weather.

7. Travel-- I am some kinda adventurous person,i can go far places if i want to.


Melody said...

yes, darl tagged you again, hope to hear your result soon, salamat pod anih, himoon nako ni later.,

the posts that you have written to your answers simly tells how lovely you are, really a lovely darlene i know since the start., hope u stay that way:-)

grace_of_angels88 said...

Salamat sa Tagay! Ako nya ning himuon pag human simba. hihi

Shabem said...

Thanks for the tag Darlz! See ug maka time ko tonight if not tomorrow night kay work ko from 7-7.
Murag most mga mommies di gyud pabiya sa digi cam hehehe....
I love to travel pod.

jennyr said...

thank you darls for the tag! and btw, i love ur new template! this is really nice and simple that's why i like it! keep it up girl!