Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lots of Questions

Got this tag from Ivy.Here's my answers ivs.Thank you so much!I'm tagging anyone who is interested to this.

1. How old will you be in 12months?- 27
2. Do you think you'll be married bythen?- I am now happily married
3. What do you look forward to most in the next 2 months?- Thanksgiving holiday
4. Who was the last person you called?- Dentist office reminding my husband's appointment.
5. Who was the last person to call you?- nobody
6. Who was the last person to text you?- nada
7. Who was the last person to hug you?- My family
8. What were you doing at midnightlast night?- Doing my new entry
9. Parents seperated/divorced/married?- married(my father passed away long time ago)
10. Last time you saw your dad?- 15 years ago if i'm right
11. What happened at 11:00 a.m.?- Just got up from bed & came straight here in my computer
12. What is your favorite number?- 7
13. Do you prefer shoes, socks, orbare feet?- Barefooted
14. Are you a social person?- Kind of (it depends with the situations)
15. What was the last thing you ate?- Haven't eaten anything yet
16. Favorite ice cream?- Macapuno,mango,& vanilla
17. What is your favorite dessert?- Grapes,ripe mango,watermelon & cantaloupe
18. Do you have children?- Yes got one adorable Son
19. What kind of jelly do you like on your peanut butter sandwich?- Blueberry or Grape
20. Do you like drinking coffee in the morning?- Occasionally
21. How many glasses of water a day doyou drink on average?-I'm lazy sometimes not even two
22. What do you drink in the morning?- ?Juice or water or chocolate drinks
23. Would you rather kiss an ex or a person u dont love- An ex
24. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?- Yeah,i'm always on the right side,i can't sleep on the left side coz it's right next to wall
25. whats your hidden talent/talents? Sewing quilted blankets & dresses.singing & dancing
26. Do you have any regrets from your past?- Yeah it wasn't a good past but i've learned lessons from it
27. Do you consider your husband as your soulmate?- Yeah i think so coz he is now my partner in life
28. Favorite perfumes?- Victoria's Secret Sweet Angel
29. Are you independent?-Since i was grade 3
30. Any dreams?-To live happy forever with my family
31. Are you affectionate?-Yes absolutely!
32. Your family that knows about you?hmmm...being so sensitive and moody during my monthly visitor.
33. People misinterpret you because of...My look(they said i'm a snobbish type) and how i talk very frank(that's why hypocrites hates to get along with me & neither me to them).
34. Are you a good driver?My husband said Yeah,very careful & observant

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Juzahlyn said...

i'll grab this sis ha?? pang filler thanks =)