Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Here In Cebu

I am now here in Cebu and i will be here for couple of days. I am hoping to see some of my friends here that wants to meet me. I am here because of so many reasons, one most important reason is my gynecologist check up and will talk to the doctor about the delivery of my little girl on August. Also i am here for some other reasons and i am hoping that i will get them all done so i don't have to worry about those matters no more when i give birth. Well, to those who wants to meet me just give me a buzz and will get back to you soon as i get your message. Here's my email address

Heart Problem

I worry about my mother's health so much. She was once undergone of what we called COMA and it was because her heart and blood pressure is too much for her to handle. And luckily and we are all thankful to GOD because HE let her live. I am now searching some more information regarding to her heart problem and i encountered this word that i never met before that is called tachycardia that is referring about heart. Well i don't have any idea that much about science words but i am sure this is very helpful tips to treasure.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Waiting For Internet Connection

I am very thankful i am able to keep my blog alive even though i have no internet connection yet at home. I am here right now at internet cafe trying to update my blog because i do really miss the blogging world. I just talked to the guy incharge to the internet service i am going to purchase and he said that hopefully i can avail the internet by next week. Whew! Indeed it is really hard for me to adjust the life without checking my blogs here, this has been a part of my daily routine and now i cannot update it no more as possible as i want to because of internet connection issue. Well, all i can do is wait for my internet to get hooked up. Hope i will be able to get it very soon so hubby can see us here back home too everyday. Hope i can also visit your respective websites soon. See you all guys later!

Ipod Protection

Protecting your special gadget that you love most is a smart idea. Just like me, i came here to my hometown and since i brought ipod with me, i bought it with special casing that protects from damager. I have to put some shield on it since my ipod is not very cheap when i bought it. I cannot afford to break it and end up regreting later on. So i put some special shield on it like those iphone cases that i saw that protects ipod really good. It does excellent job because when it says protects, it does the job so well.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Can't Wait!

Thank you so much to all my friends who's keep visiting me here and i truly appreciate all your presence. I will be gone for a while and won't be able to update all of my website for couple of days because later this afternoon we are going to fly back home in Philippines and won't be able to get online until i get internet hooked up to my laptop over there. So guys, hope to see you soon here again and will be posting some pictures when i get to Philippines! I can't wait!

Realize The Fact

Here in America most of people does have credit cards enable for them to build their credit score so that if they have a good credit score they get more offers or more chance to purchase things that they wanted and they will have a good records in their bank accounts. Just like my husband, he is been a good payor to his credits and that makes him proud because the bank itself offered him the biggest credit card maximum limit he can get. But instead, he refused to have it because he said that what he have right now is good enough for him.

But most people doesn't seem realized that credit card is just a piece of plastic that you can swipe of the machine to purchase things very easy and conveniently. That's why a lot of people ended having bad credit credit cards because they keep getting and buying a whole lot of things and later on won't be able to pay them because their credits are way too much to their budget. So i am telling this because, some people forget that credit card is just a plastic that you can use to get things very easy but they must realize the fact that they should have to pay what they purchased from the plastic called credit card.

Priority Hobby

Blogging is one of my hobbies. I've got lots of hobbies but blogging is the most top priority for me as of now. Aside from making money online i am able to make lots of friends here in the internet and also leaning of so many things everyday. I love blogging so much and when i am depressed or excited or happy, i can write here everything that i want and what i feel everyday. And one of the most interesting for me in blogging is the Website Design.

Well, most of the bloggers knows how to design their own websites to what color fonts and whatever they want to do with their own websites just like me. And Website Design is one helpful tips for me to learn step by step. I have never learned blogging until one friend of mine introduce me to this internet world and got me hooked up. This is the most interesting thing to do especially if you already know how to manage and do the Website Design.

We're Going Home Today

Good morning everyone here! Today is the day of our flight and i am so excited now. But before that, i need to see my doctor first to make sure that everything is fine with me and my baby girl inside and i need to get my medical certificate as well so i can fly with my son. I can't be probably get online for couple of days until we will get there with my son and hopefully i can hook up an internet there at my mother's house as soon as possible so i can get to hold of my husband and also to do things here in blogging world. Of course i cannot live without computer with me so i have to take my lappy with me and do my sideline as well. So guys, please pray for our safe trip today okay? Thank you so much and God bless us all!

Custom Label

Custom Label is the most convenient way and most easiest way to manage all your things like for example for your condiments in your kitchen covered or your books in your library room or whatever you want to label. It is really easy for you to find things that are labeled. Just like our pantry in our back porch, we have all the things inside labeled to make sure that we have the correct products and in a right shelves. This is the good idea to some people that wants their things well organized.
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow

I will be leaving tomorrow guys and before i will be out in this website of mine for a little while i would like to say that i will miss all my fellow close bloggers out here. My flight with my son will be around 7:25pm so we have to be in the airport at least past 5 in the afternoon. Since tomorrow is Monday i am sure it is going to be busy day for workers and 3 to 4 in the afternoon will be rush hours. So we have to leave in the house early so we can get to airport early as well. So goodnight to all of you friends and please pray that we are going to have a safe trip with my son. God bless!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Movie Trailer

Spring is here and it's time to go out and go get some fresh air and enjoy the day with family and friends. I am sure that i will be the one of the many people who wants to have fun after a long cold freezing weather we have here. Hubby is really happy seeing that i am starting to come out from our house because i usually just stay inside the house and not interested to enjoy the sunshine outside. Hubby is always encouraging me to come out and enjoy what's the beautiful weather can offer.

Well, talking about enjoying the day, i am very excited and anxious to watch this Frontier(s) movie that i just found out that is coming very soon. Two more weeks and i can watch it with my dear husband. I saw the very exciting and thrilling Trailer of this movie and it made me more imagining of the movie. I really love scary movie and i just couldn't resist if it's too scary like this movie. This is the most very exxciting movie to watch because of the controversy and this is also an unrated movie. On May 9th, this movie will be out in Cinema and is the most awaited interesting to watch and i am sure i am going to watch this for the very first day. So guys, don't dare miss this movie and try to check the Trailer so for you to find out how interesting this movie is!
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Late And Tired

I am getting tired because it is already late for me, i am supposed to be in bed by now but here i am still doing some opportunities that i just got from paid blogging website. This is another blessings that came to me so might as well hurry and grab it and do it as fast as i can so after i get these done i can continue my unfinished house chores. I still have a lot of things to do even though it is really late for me already. My dishes is not washed yet and i am not done folding our clean laundry. Goodness! I've got a lot of things to do tomorrow too, like scrubbing the bathroom floor and the toilet of course, i already did a little bit by the sliding door but i am done yet. Well i am just hoping that i will finish all my house chores before Monday because we are going to fly on that day with my son.

Shipping Logistics

One of the thing that a businessman should consider is the shipping on the products of his business. Making partnership business to some other shipping company is the most important thing that a businessman should take a look very closely because if the shipping company doesn't do a good service to the clients, the businessman reputation will also get affected. It is difficult to find a good partnership to your business to some shipping company because you have to make sure that your products will be delivered untouched and unharmed.

Anyway, i would like to tell all the businessmen out there that are looking for best shipping company that can make the partnership to your business and meet your satisfaction in service and can make sure that your business with this shipping logistics is guaranteed excellent service with your clients. You don't really have to worry about the shipping of your products because you will can assure that your business with shipping logistics has great service, no complications and no delays. If i would have a business that needs a shipping company, i would definitely make the partnership with shipping logistics.

The Kind Of Cereal

You Are Corn Flakes

You are traditional and easy going.

If something is high quality, you're satisfied with it.

You don't need much variety or novelty in your life.

You're happy with what you have. You're quite loyal.

You're the type of person who eats the same breakfast every day...

And likely at the exact same time each day!

I truly agree of what this survey said. I am satisfied of what i get and i don't complain of the things that i don't have. I am happy enough of things that i usually get and i am not that risk taker to try something new unless i know that i am going to like it. So how about you guys? Wanna try this survey? Go ahead!

Excellent Lawyer

Looking for best lawyer that can help you with your problem in court? You can make sure that you will find the most excellent lawyer and will help you to solve your problem no matter what it is at temporary attorney New York. It is not so ordinary to us that when we go to court to have our problems in law solved, we have to pay a lot of money just to get things settled in favor to us right? that's why if you pay big green, might as well get the excellent service you can get so your money will be worth it. I have people that i know with some law issue problems and they got it settled with no headaches because they are referring their problems at temporary attorney New York.

I never Expected It

I never did expect to get anything from paid post blogging today. Because i was very busy lately doing some house chores here and and also editing my site because i couldn't see the layout if i use the Internet Explorer. So i decided to edit it and i succeeded. i love the new layout i have now and i can see the layout both to Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. And also i did some laundry this morning and some cleaning of the dust here inside the house so it will be clean before i leave my house. Hubby is keep telling me that i don't need to worry about it because he will take care of it soon as we leave, so he's got something to busy with. I just want to keep myself busy so that i won't be stress of keep waiting for the day to come for our trip.

Investing Business

When starting to invest a business, it is indeed there's a lot of things to consider, such as risks, planning ahead and the financial status you have. Hubby and i are very positive on looking forward to have our own business in the near future so we can have extra income aside from his salary from his work. And he said that looking for a best business that you will see progress right away is truly difficult. Anyway i found this website called NETS TOPIX that can help business investors to make their business grow and give some tips and ideas on how the business keep going and keep from risks. Hubby is really interested in this NETS TOPIX and i am really happy and hoping that this plan of his will pursue and will success.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Haircut Time Again

Today is the time for hubby and son's haircut again. We already have this planned couple of weeks ago. I decided to have their haircut before my son and i will fly back home. Daddy and son has both long hairs now and they need to have some chops. Hubby and son looks like they live in a forest that has never been tidy for a long time. So they definitely needs haircut. And besides, i don't want my son to get irritated when we get to Philippines because for sure he will feel uncomfortable there for the first day just like what happened last year.

He was really irritated and cranky because the weather is too hot for him. So it is better to have his hair chop here before we leave so it will be more comfortable for him to have a very short hair. I am thinking that i might just tell the barber to give him a buzz, means that he is going to have a very short hair so his scalp can breath better back home. In that kind of haircut he will be more looking so fresh and won't be so irritated.Anyway, i will just post his photo later when we get home after the haircut gets done.

Hair Clinics

Hair is the people's crowning glory and especially for the women. That's why hubby doesn't want me to cut my hair because he loves to brush my hair a lot and he loves to takes care of it really good. every time we are close to each other and have some conversation, he cannot help but to brush his finger through my hair and he is keep telling me that i look lovely to my hair. A lot of people is having problem with their hair and they have to go to hair clinics just to get their hair fixed and be look as good as they wanted to be. I know that a lot of people are having hair problems and going to hair clinics is the best solution they should do enable for them to look good as they are hoping to be.

Mistaken Identity

Good morning everyone! Friday is here again and i am getting so anxious to fly back home on Monday. Hope you all have a beautiful morning like i do. Anyway, i just want to clear things up here, i have been getting many congratulations here and i would like to tell all the bloggers who mistakenly thought that i am always on the dashboard of payperpost as one of the top earner. For you to know guys, even myself i was surprised when i saw that woman's name for the very first time because we definitely have the same spelling, no difference at all. As far as i have known she is an American girl and i am pure blooded Filipina. So of course there's a big difference on that race. Just look at her picture so close, that is not me, she is too pretty to be me lol!

Anyway, if you happen to see her at the dashboard again, please do no congratulate me because that woman is not ME. As you see my picture in this website, if i will be the top earner it should appear my picture just like what i have here in this blog. I would love to collect her earnings if she is too generous though lol! But unfortunately the picture you always see in the dashboard is not really me. So please guys take a second look and look at her picture very closely, so next time you won't mistakenly identify that the pretty DARLENE you've seen in the top earner is not me. So from now on, i am hoping that no one will congratulate me no more if it's not really me who's on the top earner dashboard unless the picture will appear just like the picture i have here lol!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

He Wants To Lose Weight

Every individual wants to look at their best to everybody. So as me, and my husband. Hubby is getting so big lately and he is blaming me for making good food that he cannot resist to eat all of them. And even his co worker noticed that he gained so much weight and his tummy is now showing off a little too much. So i looked for best remedy that could possibly help hubby from keeping his tummy big and so he can drop so much weight. And he said that what i am thinking is the great idea since i will be gone for a little while and he can do that for himself. I found this Planet Fat Loss that will surely help hubby to lose weight and so he can lose his fat in his big tummy.
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Good Character

You Are 46% Scary

You're a pretty normal, nice girl... but you definitely have your scary moments.

As long as you acknowledge them and apologize, you'll probably keep your guy around.

I know when to act scary or when to act sweet to my husband. Hubby always telling me that i am a good person because i know how to handle myself very well. I know when to act certain behavior in certain time. If i have to be tough then i can be tough and if i have to be sweet i am very sweet, that's why hubby loves me so much because he sees the character in me that he cannot find to anyone else. And of course i love my hubby so much too, he's got character that i can find to anyone else either.

Window Blinds

Window Blinds is the one that i am thinking to put it in my kid's bedroom. Since that the sun always shine on that side, in their room, it would be nice to put something in there to block the sunshine. And especially soon as i deliver the baby girl, that would be perfect to protect her from waking up too early due to the sunlight. I need two of Window Blinds, because that room has two windows and the windows are both facing towards the sunlight. Hubby said that it is a best idea to have the protection from sunlight to keep them from bright sunlight that can wake them up so early.

Risk Taker

Your Risk Taking Level: Medium-Low

You'll take a risk if you have to, but you prefer to err on the side of caution.

If something looks like it's going to work out, you may just go for it.

But frivolous risks like gambling totally aren't your style.

You prefer to have as much control over your life as possible.

Yes i would say i am not that risk taker to the point that it doesn't make any sense to take risk for what i am doing anymore. I get so challenge very easy but not to take risk that even though i know what's gonna happen next, and still keep going. I am more on planning ahead and looking forward to what is the bottom line of what i am doing. So being a risk taker is not really a compliment to a person for me, it can be good and it can be bad sometimes.

Air Cleaners

It is really important to us to have a fresh and clean air. That's why i am helping the environment to have clean fresh air by not doing doing anything that could cause damage or pollutions. And also by reading some articles how to keep the air clean with this air cleaners. This is a very helpful tips on how to keep our place safe from any virus, from any sickness due to bad polluted air we breath.

Two Topics At A Time

Good morning everyone! Wow it's now Thursday and our trip is getting so close! Four more days and i will be flying to go back home with my son. I am getting more excited and anxious to see my family back home and i cannot wait to hug and kiss all of them. I just called my mother last night telling that there's a slight problem about my dear sister back in Mindanao and there is a possibility that she cannot be with us on the day of our family gatherings. I mean, it is really not a problem you know, she is expecting too and we are very happy to know that, it's just that she is in first trimester as of now and she is undergoing the same thing as what i have experienced couple of months ago. And i hope that she will make it to see us because this will be the biggest event of our family.

Anyway, off topic here. I would like to acknowledge my little girl's website. I made her a website where i can have the updates about her coming until she comes out. I blog what's inside my little girl mind and i use myself to be her instrument to talk to people what she's thinking everyday. We are both excited to see each other and i can tell that. And if you have enough time, please visit my baby's blog called "Little Lady's Web Diary". Thank you so much and i will truly appreciate it if you pay a visit to this new blog. God bless!