Friday, May 2, 2008

Haircut Time Again

Today is the time for hubby and son's haircut again. We already have this planned couple of weeks ago. I decided to have their haircut before my son and i will fly back home. Daddy and son has both long hairs now and they need to have some chops. Hubby and son looks like they live in a forest that has never been tidy for a long time. So they definitely needs haircut. And besides, i don't want my son to get irritated when we get to Philippines because for sure he will feel uncomfortable there for the first day just like what happened last year.

He was really irritated and cranky because the weather is too hot for him. So it is better to have his hair chop here before we leave so it will be more comfortable for him to have a very short hair. I am thinking that i might just tell the barber to give him a buzz, means that he is going to have a very short hair so his scalp can breath better back home. In that kind of haircut he will be more looking so fresh and won't be so irritated.Anyway, i will just post his photo later when we get home after the haircut gets done.

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stev & emz said...

unsa kaha ang hitsura sa duha paghuman ug haircut. hehehe. oi Darl hapit na dyud ka muuli no? hehehe.. anyway i got something for you in this link