Friday, May 2, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Good morning everyone! Friday is here again and i am getting so anxious to fly back home on Monday. Hope you all have a beautiful morning like i do. Anyway, i just want to clear things up here, i have been getting many congratulations here and i would like to tell all the bloggers who mistakenly thought that i am always on the dashboard of payperpost as one of the top earner. For you to know guys, even myself i was surprised when i saw that woman's name for the very first time because we definitely have the same spelling, no difference at all. As far as i have known she is an American girl and i am pure blooded Filipina. So of course there's a big difference on that race. Just look at her picture so close, that is not me, she is too pretty to be me lol!

Anyway, if you happen to see her at the dashboard again, please do no congratulate me because that woman is not ME. As you see my picture in this website, if i will be the top earner it should appear my picture just like what i have here in this blog. I would love to collect her earnings if she is too generous though lol! But unfortunately the picture you always see in the dashboard is not really me. So please guys take a second look and look at her picture very closely, so next time you won't mistakenly identify that the pretty DARLENE you've seen in the top earner is not me. So from now on, i am hoping that no one will congratulate me no more if it's not really me who's on the top earner dashboard unless the picture will appear just like the picture i have here lol!


Bianca said...

hmmm basin need sila mag antipara mamu kay bisan gamay ang pic makita sa dashboard perti man ka klaro na dli ikaw oi, aw gawas ug dunay muta nga me tabon sa kalimutaw lol.....bitaw oi wa man ko mailad ato, dependi pud cguro ug ang mga taw naka ila gyud nimo not only by ur name pati sa imong ka anyag pud..hehehe kay maka hiabw gyud sila na di to ikaw.

Imelda said...

oops im guilty for this, sorry sister.