Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Here In Cebu

I am now here in Cebu and i will be here for couple of days. I am hoping to see some of my friends here that wants to meet me. I am here because of so many reasons, one most important reason is my gynecologist check up and will talk to the doctor about the delivery of my little girl on August. Also i am here for some other reasons and i am hoping that i will get them all done so i don't have to worry about those matters no more when i give birth. Well, to those who wants to meet me just give me a buzz and will get back to you soon as i get your message. Here's my email address


Lerlyn said...

hi darl!!nag leave ko msg sa YM mo..given you my CP number..keep in touch!!

jennyr said...

ibog kaau ko sa imo bah kay gipayagan ka magdugay sa imong bana...ako kung dala nko mga bata sus! modugay gyud ko bah,hehehe! enjoy the rest of ur trip darls and btw, i have a friendship tag for yah at this link!

batang buotan said...

Hi Darlene, how are you? Thank you very much for the wonderful meet-up. It was indeed great. Your son look so smart. Be safe always. Regards to your family.

Mira said...

Hi Darlene, hope everything goes well with your check up and take care.
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Pietro said...

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Ritchiela said...

Hello Darl,just dropping by.Anha ka manganak?

Midas said...

Hi Darlene, sa Cebu ka manganak?


twinks said...

glad to hear you're doing okay sis..
take care always..lalo na lapit naka manganak..
enjoy and ingat :]

FreEzEBoX said...

hi mam, naa pa diay ka sa cebu karon? musta mn ang imong pag stay? karon pajud tawn ko kabalik og suroy2x sa mga silingan nga blog...