Sunday, July 4, 2010

Taking Advantage Of Me

I love giving things to my loved ones, even to those who i just barely met if i know that they need my help. But some people are just too greedy to get things from me even if they already have given things. That's one thing i hate, to take advantage of me. For me, loved ones, friends or people i don't know rather wait for me to give them something than asking me things that i think it's too much for me to give them. I had an argument with someone that is close to me when i got here. I would leave the name untold since i don't want to make the conflict gets worse.

I can't call myself greedy because i give things to someone if that someone likes to have my personal things. But i hate those people that are taking advantage, asking too much from me. I promised myself when i come back here again, this person won't get nothing from me anymore. I don't care what can this person say about me, but i have had enough with this person. Sad to say that i have to end up the connection with this person, small argument made it big deal. So i must say that there is no use of being connected. Taking advantage of me is big no no to me.

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