Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dreaming A House

We just barely got back from a house blessing of my mother's friend. I must admit to myself that i am a little bit jealous because she got a nice house. Although i have a little comment about her house. Now it made me think that i want my own house here in Philippines. I was able to talk to my husband about it and he agreed that we are going to build our own house here. It doesn't really have to be very fancy, yet i love my house to one of a kind design. I talked to the engineer of the house where we went and i should say that he's got a great idea about designing houses.

Hubby said it would be nice if we can have our house here and let my mother takes care of it while we are gone. I can't help myself not to dream to own a house because i have noticed that most of the people here that came from abroad are now building their own nice houses. Right now i am starting to imagine my own simple house, yet it is unique. Hubby and i has to talk about it, we have to start saving money for it. We have to set aside a budget for our dream house, i can't wait!

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