Friday, July 30, 2010

Reunion Is Approaching

Never really thought that i would buy a new phone for me again but i actually did. My brother let me borrow his old phone but it got broken because of my little one. He kept biting the phone and it got broken, silly baby! Anyway, i really need to have a phone myself because i am coordinating our batch, they cannot reach me if i don't have it. I need to keep in touch with my batch mates so i will know who are going to attend and who's not. Also, some of them are going to give some of their shares for our lunch and dinner budget for this coming alumni homecoming party.

I already posted our T-shirt uniform and i am glad all my batch mates liked it. Also i am glad that i posted it because if it's not the picture, they would not know about it and would not be interested to join the alumni homecoming. Really, i am getting so excited to see each one of them, it has been a long time since i last saw them and i am hoping that those who are far away will find time to attend the most awaited event of the year here in our small island. I came all the way from America because of this reunion and i am hoping that all my batch mates will too.

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