Saturday, July 10, 2010

He Miss Daddy

I had a phone conversation with my husband last night and i sure had fun chat with my loving and silly husband. I woke up early in the morning because there was a neighbor that was selling her caught fish. So i went upstairs after so i can continue to sleep but then after two hours my oldest son went upstairs too to find me. He told me he was starving and wants to eat. We both went down and had our late breakfast. He was talking to me while we were eating and mentioned how bad he misses his daddy.

So it reminded me that hubby told me to get online here at the internet cafe so he can talk to his son will tell him that he will be here soon. Daddy miss his son too, he miss his boys. He got more excited that i told him our youngest can now walk but sometimes too lazy to do it. Well, we are still here at the internet cafe waiting for daddy to get online but seems like our desktop is not cooperating yet, it's getting old and getting bad, hubby said we are going to replace it soon, it makes him mad every time he tries to turn it on and it won't work like it is supposed to.