Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Upset

I was so upset yesterday when i went to the city here in BOHOL where i tried to withdraw some cash. I had no choice but to use the Banco De Oro ATM machine because there was nothing else but their stupid machine. I waited for few minutes and wondered why the screen still telling me that my transaction is being processed. So i asked the guard in there what was going on with my transaction why it took so long. Honestly, that was my first time i encountered such problem. But then few minutes later, my card was being dispensed but there was no cash! The security guard to told me to try it in the other machines they have but still there was nothing. And later on my card is refusing to give some money because i already withdrew some. I know i have so much limit everyday but since they took my money it's considered as my withdrawal.

I went inside the office to complain but what the teller only told me is they cannot process and help my problem since my card is not from their bank. I had this kind of problem over two years ago from the other bank but i have no regrets to that bank because they took care of my problem quick. In fact they assisted me very well and so politely. Now, i learned a lot from this situation, Banco De Oro is absolutely NO GOOD!!!! They have poor service and lousy teller assistance. Lucky they are because they are not in America, people here in Philippines are more patient, they can stand to deal problems even though it takes awhile before it gets solved. Right now i got my refund but it was my bank who gave me the refund not the Banco De Oro. My bank gave them allowance to respond their request regarding this matter and they should show some proofs that the money was being dispensed during the withdrawal, but if they can't show nothing, then they should pay back my bank who did the refund instead of them. I can just see the future of this Banco De Oro bank that they won't stay very long, they will be down very soon for their very poor service and a very lousy assistance to their clients especially the foreigners that likes to stay here for holidays.

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