Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Worries

Gaining weight is not really a big problem to me since i lose weight fast as well. I really am not having trouble with my weight since i lose weight easy. Now that i am here in my beloved homeland, i am going to eat the food that i have been missing for two years. I don't worry at all because for sure next two months when i get back to America, i won't be able to eat all these food that i have been eating here in my country. Some friends i have told me that they are so jealous of me because i am here in our country right now and has the big chance to eat everything what i want. Also they are jealous too because like i said, i have no trouble gaining and losing weight as well, unlike them, when they get carried away eating the yummy food here, they have to take best weight loss pills right after so they can get rid of their unwanted fats. Lucky me and i must be thankful for i am blessed for having such fast metabolism.

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