Sunday, December 14, 2008

House Cleaning

I've got a very busy Sunday. I started cleaning the house last night. I folded all the clean clothes, sweep the computer room, dust the living room and picked up all the scattered toys of my son. This morning i washed the dishes and cleaned the stove and the microwave. I load another two batch of dirty clothes and hang them in the clothes line. I wipe everything in the kitchen including the chairs, tables and all the counters and sprayed some air freshener. I am not even quite done yet. I need to relax because my back is starting to complain. I even forgot i haven't eaten anything yet!

That's how i am, once i started to clean the house, i don't wanna stop because if i do, it will take me ages again before i get myself to move and do what i must do. Right now i just want to sit for a little bit and might as well that i am sitting here, i am gonna let you all know what i am up to. I will be back on my cleaning session again in a bit. I need to do it or else, i'll get lazy again. I was going to roll in the bed all day but no one's gonna take my place anyway, so i have no choice but to do it myself and finish my work as fast as i can!


Rolly said...

Para ni nimo day Darlene, sori kung naapektuhan ka sa ako gicomment sa bisdak. Sa ako ng gikaingon nimo, open man na to the public to comment, good or bad. Dili lang puro ta palami ug estorya pero tinood baya ng panghitabo sa atoa ng ako gisulti.

Sakto na sa imong patutsada nako day. Wala man ko manaway sumala sa imong giingon. Peace na god ta. Ayaw nag pangaway nako.

Merry Christmas nalang sa imoa diha. Ug sa ako ng akong gikaingon nimo, sorry kung nasakitan ka ug naapakan ka nako.

Raquel said...

Hi Darlene, maayo pa ka kay nakapang limpyo na. Ako intawon, ambot nalang kanus-a pa. Btw, that is a good attitude nga humanon jud ang tanan.

shydub said...

I think thats one ofthe filipino mentality.finish it later or can't finish what started. I do that sometimes.Thats why when im cleaning or doing stuff i dont want anything or anyone to bother me or else ill finish it in 10yearslol

Felicia Eis said...

Coming over from Entrecard :)

You sound just like me when it comes to cleaning!!

Nicole said...

Oh, I can relate :) Once I get on a roll cleaning, it's almost impossible to stop me... (I love a clean house--but it's hard to keep that way with a 3 year old!)

Take good care! Nicole

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I feel the same: once I've got my bucket of soapy water I feel that it would be a waste not to clean the windows and the floors too.

And like you: I'm afraid that once I sit down I won't get back up.

bingkee said...

Darlene, you remind me to also clean my house. Blogging and writing have made my days busier so I forgot to clean ....well I need to now.