Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eye Check-up

I just barely got back from my eye check-up appointment. The doctor said that my eyes are alright but he has suspicions of me having a Glaucoma. At the very young age he is scared for me. He was thankful that i set an appointment before my eyes got really really bad because he said that if my eyes lost a lot of visions already before i had my appointment there is no way to bring it back. It got me scared though because he told me that usually old people are the one's get glaucoma, and look at me, i am only late 20's but i am high risk of glaucoma already.

The doctor explained everything to me, he saw that my eyeball cup is very unusually deep. He asked me if i know anybody of my immediate family has glaucoma. Also he can see that my eyes are offly dry, which causes irritations and sandy feeling so often, especially if i am in front of my computer too much or i am stress. So he advised that i should put my eyes some lubricant eye drops three times a day to prevent from irritations and redness due to the dryness of my eyes. Well, i am just hoping and praying that my eyeball cup won't change, because if it will, like what the doctor said, it should be to worse and not to better. That's why i cannot go out without my glasses on or i will be like a walking blind person.

Excuse me of my groggy, lookin' tired face. I slept so late last night and woke up so early this morning.


Umma said...

Good thing you went for an eye check up otherwise it would be too late.

You still look gorgeous Mommy Darlene sans make up.. truly filipina beauty.

SHIELA said...

on't worry mommy darl. even you did not had a lot of sleep, you still lookk very pretty.

glaucoma? Kahadlok sab oi. you are very young para mag ka glaucoma. you should do whatever the doctor said para walay problema, ok?