Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Sling Carriers

Seriously, i find the baby sling so cute, why? Because the baby is more attached to the one's holding, the baby is well wrapped and looking cozy. It also looks like a fashionable way of carrying the baby with you. Why in the world didn't i learned about this baby sling before when i had my two boys? So darn cute that i would want some now for myself but how am i supposed to use it if i don't have little one anymore? I just wish i still can have baby at least one, but that's not possible anymore since i am already fixed. I only envy to those mothers that just barely delivered their new bundle of joy.

Maybe, this is a good idea to get some pair since i have couple of friends that are now expecting and may pop anytime this year or maybe early next year! I am actually excited for them. I can't wait to see their babies and be able to carry them in my arms. I am sure it will reminds me of my times, during when i delivered my two boys. That's right! I'd better order the baby sling carriers now so when their baby comes, my gift for the new mothers will be all ready. Since i already know the gender of their coming babies, i can now buy it and choose the color i want to get for them to have.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our First Home

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

My husband and I were so happy to finally move out of Miami. We didn’t go too far away, but we found a great house that we could actually afford to buy in Hollywood, Florida. Living in Miami was fun while it lasted, but once we started having kids it became too expensive and crazy. We looked for a home to purchase close by where we were renting and we couldn’t find anything we could even remotely afford. We kept on moving our search north until we settled on finding a house in Hollywood. We are so excited to finally be moving in, and we want our big investment to be safe and sound. I searched ADT security Hollywood FL because I figured a home security system would be a good way to do this. We’re new to this home ownership thing and I want to do everything right. Next we’ll probably start renovating the bathrooms in the house, which are pretty old. We’re going to try and take it day by day and make small improvements here and there to raise the value of the property.

Green Dress

It's actually my first time to wear something green like this dress in the picture below. I feel not so comfortable wearing eye catching colors before because i thought i don't look good at it due to my brown skin complexion. But lately, it makes me think to try some other colors aside from black and brown which are my two favorite colors.

I am impressed and surprised for i don't look bad at all. I thought i would be but in fact, i liked it myself. Hubby said that finally i got some other colors than black and brown. He usually see me wearing either black or brown. Now, i am starting to buy assorted colored dress, such like this i am wearing in the picture. I love to wear green now, especially this kind of fabric, soft and snuggly.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Malpractice Insurance

I just finished talking to a friend from Florida about the Doctor we have here who is accused of killing his patient by over drugging it. Sadly, the doctor is been a specialist for years and years. The family of the victim wants him to be life sentenced. So my friend said that in their state, most people has the medical malpractice insurance florida for them to be protected from the malpractice. Hopefully, we won't encounter such bad things that happened to the victim. Life is just one, no one can bring one life back once it's wasted.

Vacation In Canada

Calgary rentals. I heard this very often to some of our friends who just got back from their fun adventure in Calgary. They said that staying there was their most unforgettable memory of their vacation. The place was just awesome and amazing views where most of the tourists where very impressed. So upon hearing their stories about the place, hubby and i thought that it would be fun as well if we try to go there to the said place.

Although we haven't finalized our plan on going there yet, but we are sure that one of these days, we'll definitely visit the beautiful place like what we always hear from people that have been there before. And besides, both hubby and i have never been to Canada, so we might as well go there with the kids for the very first time. Another exciting trip plan, even though we did not set the exact time and date yet, but thinking about it made me excited already.

Going there will be another family adventure and a fun memory to keep. We do love to travel a lot, and crossing from one country to the other will be my first time to do so, if we'll be given the chance soon. Hopefully, by summer time we can finalize the trip plan, and i am sure that i will be seeing lots of friends who lives there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Retractable Banner Stand

Commercials nowadays is very impressive. As you can see, when you drive down the road you'll find a very eye catching bulletin ads and when you go to some buildings, you also can find some Retractable banner stand that has almost everything what basically you want to know in that store. So, instead of spreading some fliers and doing some other things to introduce the products or whatever they are selling to the public, this is the best way of letting people know in a quick and easy way. And people can easily pick up everything pretty much because it all flashes in just a matter of seconds.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flowers For Me!

Sometimes it is good when the couple gets to have misunderstanding once in a while because that's the only time that the husband gets the idea of courting the wife again, just like when the two were just barely started. My husband is not really a romantic kind of person, he doesn't like giving flowers to me that much because his reason is it dies quickly and his love for me is not like that, it stays forever, haha, how cheesy is that? But seriously, he's a passionate kind of husband, he is one thoughtful husband as well.

Well, anyway, i sulked the other day because of my unpredictable mood swing. Hubby was so confused what did he do to me for me to be upset. He can't even think a single thing that will make me mad at him. I didn't talk to him for a day and because he was bothered, he called the flower shop nearby and the next day i got a delivered flowers!!! It's for me, it's for me! Yay!

So when hubby got home from work earlier, i gave him a sweet kiss and told him there was really nothing he did that made me upset, it was just my mood and probably i am going to have my monthly visit again, since it always comes around this time. And thanked him for the bouquet of flowers he ordered for me. It's not his type of thing but i made him do it because of my mood, haha! How sweet husband i have!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow Please Come!

Surprisingly, there is not much of a snow yet here in our place, but the freezing weather is that's killing me. I just wish that it would be better if it rather snow than having a very low freezing temperature. Especially during in the morning when i take my first grader to the bus stop. Luckily the place isn't that far from where our house is, it's just a block away and i have to take him myself there because it is across the street, and i don't trust him crossing the busy highway street by himself yet.

He's been so anxious for the snow to come though because he is very excited to use his sled again up in the mountain. Which reminds me, i have to buy him and his little brother an overall suit so to keep them warm during our play in the snow. I need to find some pairs soon so they can use it. When we went there last time, they were only wearing coats and regular pants, which it wasn't good enough for them not to freeze. This time, i have to make sure that they wear thermal clothing that'll keep them warm for a long time.

These photos were taken last year. The little one was not so happy when we stayed there very long, so i had to bring them back home. After few minutes they stayed inside the house, they decided to go back outside. I let them go out in our backyard instead because if they get so cold, they could just easily comes back in anytime they want and drink a hot choco prepared by mommy with love ♥♥♥

Fire Damage Repairs Austin

Sure when there's kids in the house, you won't feel safe to just leave them alone and not checking from time to time on what they are up to. My two boys are very opposite in a lot of things. The big brother is more behaved and more reserved, he prefers to just sit there watch tv, play his games with his nintendo, or play his wii games and he'll be just contented with it. Unlike my youngest one is so different! He's more adventurous and probably doesn't know what "scared" word is because he doesn't know how to feel it.

Anyway, i am talking about this because there was an incidence in the house once that the little one was able to grab the match on the shelf where i put it. Good thing that i saw him right even before he did something to it. And it reminded me when a friend told me what happened to her house too in Texas. Good thing it wasn't that bad, and able to find a team that fixes the damage So she called the fire damage repairs austin team and fixed the area in no time, and my friend was so glad that she got it taken cared of even before her husband arrived from an out of town trip.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Learn To Play Guitar

During my younger years, i have been wishing to learn to play guitar but never had a chance. First reason was, i don't have a guitar of my own, and the second was, i had no time to focus on learning how to play it. In my early age, i got so busy with my job and have been set aside the eagerness on how to learn to play instruments such like guitar. Maybe this time, one of my boys might get interested on playing instrument, especially the guitar since i really love to listen acoustic music. And if they both will, it would be so awesome because music is making life more meaningful.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jewelry Making

Most friends i see now are doing the jewelry making. They make their own jewelry as a hobby and some of them sells it. I find it cool to make your own jewelry though because you can make your own style and the fact that you are making it for less, all you have to do is just buy the things you need and design the jewelry you want to have. I might have to do that myself, i just have to ask some of my friends who's been doing it lately. I am seeing them having so much fun doing it, so why should i not try it myself. I am sure i am going to have fun just as good as them.

Stereo Speakers

If there is one thing that i would want to give to my youngest brother, that would be the stereo speakers. He just love electronics and every electronic gadgets he gets is a treasure for him. I love giving him stuff like this because he knows how to take care of it and knows how to fix it if it gets broken. In fact, some of his friends calls him jack of all trades because he knows how to fix pretty much everything, particularly electronic stuff. So when he gets my Christmas presents for him, i am sure he will be having a big grin, from ear to ear :)