Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-Owned Car

Hubby talked to me about his work car. He said that since the license of his car is going to expire soon, he might as well not to renew it because he knew that it's not gonna pass the test. So he said that if he will buy a pre owned car, he will also buy a ford f 250 custom floor mats so he can replace whatever it is in the car he is going to buy and it will look newer. I myself can't wait to see what his car is going to be look like, i also want to test drive it because i honestly didn't try to drive his work car, i just don't feel like driving it, too old! LOL!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Apartments for rent in Calgary

It has been awhile since we last had our family get away. Husband and i both love to travel and we are actually planning on another trip this coming holiday. We are not so sure where to go yet though but we are already considering some place that we might want to go visit for the first time. Canada is one in our list. Since we both haven't visited the place yet, we might take the chance to go there during the holiday week to enjoy it with our kids of course. I heard a lot of nice things to see there, and i am very excited to see them in person myself.

We already talked about this vacation soon but hubby has to inform his boss from his work about it so he can have more days to spend in our vacation. A friend already told us where is the best place to go. There are a lot of Apartments for rent in Calgary that has reasonable price, hubby and i thought that would be the best to do rather than renting a motel because it is a daily basis and we will end up paying a lot more than renting an apartment. But, we'll have to talk more about it though, we have to make our plans settled so we can totally enjoy the vacation we have been both anxiously waiting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Of Mommy's Eyes

It sure breaks my heart everytime i read or hear bad news about newborn babies being thrown out or dumped somewhere. The mother must haven been so heartless for doing such thing. That is horrible! There are lots of couples that wanted to be blessed with kids but then they end up adopting somebody else's babies because they can't make on their own. That is why i feel so blessed for having my two boys. They are the apple of my eyes. Although the big brother is getting so big and doesn't want to be called baby anymore, still he will be my baby forever.

Since it's only me and my little one will be always the one's at home everyday (daddy goes to work and big brother goes to school), i end up photo shooting him. In fact, he's got a lot more pictures than his big brother. Too bad i didn't have the DSLR then when i had my first born child. I could've took pictures as much as what i have of his little brother's. These two shots were taken earlier today after i gave him a nice warm bath. He was hugging and playing with his chicken little (his brother calls it chicken big, because it is big, lol!). Wish i could just keep him as a baby but sadly i can't do that because kids grow so fast and they don't wanna be called baby when they turn three and onwards.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We were wondering last night when we got home because our composter was tripped. It might be just the wind blew it or some animal from our neighborhood running around in our yard that did it. This was the first time that happened that's why we were so curious. I don't think that someone tripped it in purpose though since we have friendly neighborhood. The garbage was all scattered on the ground and we had to put it back in the bin. There was no sign though of animal tried to eat the garbage, it just got tripped and that's all it.

Graduation Presents

It must be weird for you to read this article because i am talking about top 10 graduation presents. It's just that, it suddenly popped in my mind that one of my family back home is soon to graduate. Since that i haven't really had something yet for me to give her, i might as well think about it so i can give her the best present that she would really love. Back in my days, i never did expect to receive presents from my loved ones, their love and support is the best presents for me. But now, mostly graduates are expecting presents in return of their hard work to success.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The hardest wedding ring

The question often comes up about what the hardest material in wedding bands is. The truth is both of these precious metals are actually soft compared to the alternative metals. The first alternative metal was titanium. People loved titanium rings. They were lightweight and held up much better than gold. They would still scratch so someone decided they would try to make a wedding band out of tungsten. It turned out great. In fact they took a 6mm tungsten wedding band and tested according to the mohs hardness scale. The tungsten ring came out to be a 8. Not many things are harder than that.

For the longest time tungsten rings were the hardest rings on the market. Then someone figured out how to use zirconium to make a wedding band. Black ceramic rings are actually harder than tungsten. The only problem with them is that you have to like the color white or black because that is the only colors they come in. People have experimented with other colors but they just don’t look right for a wedding band.

So after years of research it looks like ceramic zirconium rings are actually the hardest wedding bands. There are many other types of rings but if someone asks you which one is the hardest you will be able to tell them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prepared For Baby

The article written by Alonso Kramer

My husband and I are expecting our first child. I do not think I have ever been more prepared for something in my entire life. I have read a book about what to eat while I am pregnant. I read a book about what to expect and my husband even read a book about becoming a father. I decorated the nursery completely. Everything in the nursery is themed and the details I remembered are amazing. I even thought to get different knobs for the dresser. The clothes are all washed and folded nicely in the drawers. We had HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS install a fabulous alarm system. We assembled the swing and the pack-in-play. I even have an outfit set out for the hospital. My bags are packed in the anticipation of an early labor and my notes from our labor classes are on index cards. Right now, we are just waiting for the baby to get here. I am thinking parenting is going to be easy. However, my friends keep telling me I am naïve. I guess only time will tell.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gifts for Boyfriend

Honestly i am not the perfect person to ask what's the best Gifts for Boyfriend. I just don't have much of an idea what really is the best to give especially when there is special occasions. My niece just asked me about it and i just answered her nothing because i can't think of anything what to suggest. She should've know better though since she's been hooked up to her boyfriend for awhile now. At least she know him and what does he want to have or to get from her.