Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Happy Me!

I am really happy right now, you wanna know why? It is because another paid blogging is giving me the chance to join their team and gave me the opportunity to make money online once again.... I so miss my income i used to have here in blogging. Paid blogging is really convenient for me because i am a stay home mother of two boys and i cannot afford to lose even a minute of attention for them. I give my full time attention to them and that is my job and responsibility as mother to them. I have seen so many mothers who's working and regretting later on because they were not able to see their own kids growing and they weren't able to discipline them themselves.

It is sad to think that my kids will grow up with my absence because i am working... And i cannot imagine myself that when they are grown, they will not respect me anymore because they grew up without me and not guiding them what's right from wrong... I don't think i can dare leave my kids to baby sitter or to a daycare center. Good thing my oldest one is now at school. School is so much different from baby sitter or to a day care centers. They only take care (not so sure how they do it) the kids but not teaching them good things like what my son learns from his school. He is now learning a lot of things that sometimes amazes me. That's why i am really thankful and very happy now that i can make money once again just by staying home while taking care the needs of my dearest family.


Haze said...

It depends pud na Darls kung mo work ka 24/7 - that wala jud kay time sa moha mga anak. Its actually nice to go out work for part time just to keep our sanity in place, lol. Bitaw, I work as a part since my 2nd child was a year and half yrs old. He used to cry when I left him from my close friend because he wanted mummy all the time, but as he grows he realised mummy will always come back and now he is settled with that. Working away from your kids it doesn't mean they love you any less. You could stay at home 24/7 and your kids still hate you or you could work and they'll love as much or vice versa - it really depends. Bisan naa ta sa balay di man gihapon na maka full attention sa ilaha kay we have online world pud like chat with friends and do our networking and etc, that is minus to our 24/7 time to our kids baya pud. But different parents has different views in parenting but I must say my kids are still the same and wala jud paglupad ilaha respeto ug paglove nako bisan naga part-time ko. Ug naa pud ko sa balay, we will always do fun things before going on my PC. Like akong Bana work 5 days a week pero they still love thier Daddy as much as they love me. Kids can understand and can adjust - its also good for them to teach to be independent without their parents all the time. Thats only my views. Anyway, have a good day!

Merydith said...

So funny Darl because I grew up without Papa because he was in Libya working to provide for his family, but I (including all my siblings) never just for one moment disrespected him for his absence. I/we even loved him even more for the sacrifices he did to provide a good future for all of us. It must have been so hard for him to be away from his growing children but sometimes things needs to be done if you want something good for your family. As for moi, I am tired but I so enjoy what I am doing right now. In fact,I am writing my paper with Frankie right next to me. He knows that I work but the reunion is soooo much sweeter that is why I can't wait to go home all the time to see him and be with him for the rest of the day/night.