Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Trip Plan

Right now i am very excited and anxious. Husby woke me up with hugs and kisses and started to talk about his work vacation. And he mentioned that i might wanted to go somewhere again this coming Christmas holiday since we pretty much traveled the country last year. I was able to meet my co-blogger friends in Texas and in Louisiana. Also i met one of my co-worker before in New Mexico and in Florida.

I guess husby just want me to be happy because he noticed that i have been sad lately thinking about my family back home. He wanted me to unwind and see the rest of the country that i haven't been yet. I just love to travel a lot and so as my husband, we both love it. I sure am lucky that husby is being so thoughtful to me and thinking of things that makes me happy. As of now, we are considering close states like New Mexico or Arizona but that's tentative still, we will plan on it as what husby said. But wherever it is, i am now getting so excited and anxious to travel again!

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