Thursday, October 29, 2009


I just barely got back from the Asian store and i am a little disappointed because i was not able to buy the veggies that i need for my special recipe this coming Saturday our halloween party with my dear friends. I waited for almost 2 hours for the veggie truck to come to the store from Salt Lake City because the owner said that the truck is on his way there in her store but i waited and waited until i got tired and no truck came still. She felt so bad that i traveled all the way down there which is 30 minutes drive just to have those veggies that i need, but she ran out of stocks.

But anyway, i still got Okra a different kind of vegetables and i love this veggies. I just have to boil it and dip it in a fish sauce (bagoong) with vinegar and diced tomatoes and i am sure my dinner will be all set! Even though i am disappointed of my trip there, i still am glad that i was able to buy some other stuffs. Oh! I think my Okra is ready, better go to the kitchen and will check it so i can have my yummy dinner... See you all later guys and have a goodnight!

By the way, before i forget, you might wanna join my contest. You can read the simple mechanics at my other website at SWEET PARADISE.... Thank you to all who are going to participate and goodluck!


Spices of Life said...

oh... i'm sorry to hear that...

Ms. Marie said...

I have some awards waiting for you on my blog. Congrats!