Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anxious Me

Everyone knows i am here in Philippines with my son. My hubby came here for a little while to make sure we are alright with our dear son. Even though a lot of things happened unexpectedly but here i am trying to be strong for my family and for myself as well. It will be a week from now and we will be back home with my son and be with my dear husband, we will be together as family once again. I am just too anxious and excited to get there for i am feeling like i been through a lot of stress here physically and emotionally, i want to rest my body and my mind for a while. Hubby can't wait for us to get there too since he's been by himself for a long long time there in our house. Oh well things happened and i do admit that there are also things that i cannot forget here in pinas during my vacation.


Michel said...

welcome back...take care and have a good day!

Simply_Haze said...

You are one strong woman for sure. ANyway, happy weekend! Take care and enjoy!