Friday, August 13, 2010

Soon But Seems Years

I have been staying here in Philippines for almost three months now and i should say that i did enjoy my stay here although there were some problems that i encountered but that didn't stop me to look to a brighter side and ruin my holiday with my kids. Hubby is coming so soon but seems like it's years for me to wait for him to arrive. I just talked to him earlier before he went to bed about coming here to get us.

Honestly i am upset earlier for something. I will leave the reason untold why because i don't want to remember it anymore. Simple things that became big. In times like this, i wanted to go back to our house and be with my husband instead. But i am thinking that it will be awhile before i can come back here or maybe a long time, so might as well enjoy my vacation for now and get things all done so when i get back to my place, i have nothing to worry no more. Arggghhhh!!! I really can't wait until hubby's arrival, i really need him right now and his comforting arms.

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