Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Time Allergy

Okay, i was not able to rant this experience of mine few days ago since i am really busy lately. It's all about my son's allergy that attacked him big time! It was my first time seeing him having trouble breathing and it scared me to death. I really don't like him to play around with some other kids because mostly kids here like to play in the bushy place and my son can't really get along to those kind of place since he's got very sensitive senses. He gets itchy easy and his allergy will be triggered whenever he'll get near with pets like dogs and especially cats.

It was mid afternoon when he got loose and was able to sneak out from the house. He played with the kids from across the street since they are the only kids he can play with here. Not very many kids here in the neighborhood. I don't find anything for me to stop him from playing with them because they are good kids to play with, it's just that they like to play in the bushy place which my son is a big no no place for him. I forgot to check my son that time because we were busy replacing the floor mat with my brothers. He came home while he was rubbing his eyes and told me he thinks he got allergy already. Upon seeing my son with itch on his face and his eyes started to swell, i freaked out right away for i know he ran out of allergy medicine already.

I gave him a cool bath right away thinking that it would help him ease the itch on his face and gave him cold compress using ice wrapped in a small face towel. But it didn't worked though, it got worse and worse every minute as i checked him. My mind started to panic and thinking something else. But when i saw his allergy started to spread all over his body, i had to make a quick decision to take my son to the town so he can see a doctor and will be prescribed some medicine. So i took him right away and got me so frightened as i saw him catching his breath, he in fact told me he was having hard time to breath, it felt heavy for him to breath. There's no mother that can just sit, watch and relax seeing her kid in a situation like what i just had. I cried while we are traveling to the town, it's a little ways to go that's why it took us for a little while to get there.

I am just too thankful that we got there and the doctor was still in his clinic and was able to prescribed my son a medicine for his allergy. I gave him the medicine right away and waited for few minutes and so glad that the medicine worked. Although not as effective like what he had, the one i brought here with us from America but at least it helped him to breath better and stopped his allergy. I felt so bad seeing my son with swollen eyes and watery nose. When we got back here at my mother's place he knocked out. I didn't left and i stayed beside him and kept on checking on him to make sure nothing's gonna happen to him. I cried so hard, i really got so scared for my son. I can't stand seeing him being attacked by his allergy that bad. I just hope that it won't happen again next time and i will try my best to make sure that there will be no next time. It sure is scary and it will freak me out, i don't want this situation ever will happen again, no more....

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Rox said...

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