Thursday, August 26, 2010

Failed Mission

You guys probably heard about the tragic hostage drama here in Philippines already. I myself is so disappointed of what happened. Also saddened upon knowing that there are 9 people died because of this horrible incident happened by Quirino Grandstand. The worst part of this is, the hostage taker was a dismissed police officer with a high rank and held the Chinese tourists. What made me disappoint about it is, the SWAT team and the policemen did a lousy rescue attempt. They weren't so properly equipped to knock the gunman down in just minutes.

In fact they rehearsed what to do to defeat the hostage taker but when they went to the actual place where the dismissed officer held the tourists, the rehearsal they did was all wasted for they did not do what they supposed to. What a shame record of Philippines again, the whole world knew how lame, poor strategy and tactics the Philippine police has. No offense, but i am basing of what i saw and what the officers showed to the public, they didn't do their best to rescue the tourists without casualties. Their mission was over and FAILED!


imelda said...

yes u bet it really was a failure. now they are passing the back on who's to blame. they lost their wits on this very sensitive hostage crisis involving foreigners.

Rox said...

I am very sad about the hostage tragedy. It is really true that it was the policemen's fault why it happened. It would not happen if they did not touch the brother of the hostage taker.

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