Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Water Is Necessity

For the very first time of my life i was able to use the mineral water that we can buy from the store so i can take a bath with my kiddos. We had no choice but to use the mineral water because we got no tap water. Water is really a big problem here at my mother's place. All the houses's pipes has been cut by the waterworks because according to them the water cannot support every houses. They only provide one house to supply water each little group of community with the small island. But still water is not enough for the people are using water every single day. I tried to save the mineral water that we used for it is not so cheap! I really can't believe that we would reach to the point like this, so vonggacious i must say!!!

People are so upset about this problem, they shouldn't deal with this kind of hassle because the mayor of this town promised that he will do something about this matter and will fix it so the people don't have to line up their containers to one faucet and wait for their turn which it is going to take for a long for the water doesn't run as fast like it is suppose to. Gosh! I love my mother's place but the mayor should do something about this very alarming problem which is the very necessity of life, WATER!!!! I hope things will be better soon, i so hate not having water in the house for water is like a life to people, whatever people do, water is always needed.

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