Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming Trunks and Floaters

Having such a blast here in my country feels like heaven to me indeed. I really am enjoying every bit of my vacation despite of the extreme weather we are experiencing here with my kiddos. I am glad though that they are slowly adapting the climate here. It sure so different from the temperature we left there in Utah for it was still chilly the day of our flight. Anyway, my oldest son enjoyed the beach so much, he gets so excited every time i tell him we are going to hang out in the beach because he feels so fresh being in the water all the time. In fact, he got a lot darker now for staying at the beach too much. He cannot just get enough in the beach he loves water a lot although he doesn't know how to swim. Oh that reminds me, i need to buy him a new trunks and some kind of swimming floaters. Also the little one needs to be in the beach so he'll feel the refreshing water in the beach as well. I gotta have those before we go back to my mother's place. The seawater will be so big this week and it will be so fun to go to the beach if the water is big and deep.

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