Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8

American Idol season 8 had just started last Tuesday and Wednesday. This is my most favorite reality show that i always look forward to watch every year. I just can't resist because i see a lot of people who's aiming to be known someday and will be recognized with their amazing talents. Now the American Idol has their new 4th judge which is a very beautiful woman named KARA DIOGUARDI which is sitting next to Randy in this photo above. I thought that the changes that they are talking about is Ryan Seacrest won't be in this season anymore because i heard that he will takes place the Larry King Show, but i guess not! He is still there and as usual, charming and good looking Ryan!

My friends used to tell me why i don't give a try to audition in American Idol. I can sing alright but not as good as those people that judges chose. I am no match to them. I so love to sing but i don't think i am qualified enough to sing in American Idol. And besides i cannot even dare to imagine myself singing in front of the crowd lols! But anyway, i know my friends are just teasing me though. I wish i can but i don't think that is the right path for me to take. 


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

I don't admit this to everyone ~ but I LOVE LOVE LOVE American Idol - Let the season begin - WooHoo!

Nicole said...

I love American Idol, too--so much fun to watch! Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

Hapi said...

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Hapi said...

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Hazelicious929 said...

Me and my husband love to watch American Idol. It is really fun to watch and we enjoy it very much...

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Texas Wanderer said...

I watched American Idol the first season, but mostly because Kelly Clarkson is from my hometown and it began to get exciting as she progressed week after week. After that, I just couldn't stomach it as much. None of the singers, not even those in the top ten (besides Kelly), can really sing. Hence the reason most are one hit wonders, and most really didn't even have one decent hit.

My wife talked me into watching last night's episode, and about half way through the show I realized why I can't stand the show- especially the panel of judges.

Some dumb hick guy tried out, did horrible of course, but he was calm, friendly, accepted the criticism, and moved on. Then on his way out the door, he stated to the judges in a very NON threatening manner to "be careful".

Now, the ridiculous reaction from the judges almost made me barf. Any moron familiar a bit with the USA, especially with people from the backwoods, knows that "be careful" is a friendly, regularly used, be-well gesture. On a daily basis at work, when people leave, I tell them to "be safe". It means "watch out for the idiots in traffic". It in no way means "I'm going to sneak up and kill you so you better watch your back!".....

"Be careful" is the same phrase, just a little different wording.

Yet suddenly Simon states, "Was that a threat?"

No, it wasn't. And the others didn't think so either, until Simon said something. Then Paula jumped in, then Randy, then the new chick. Suddenly "be careful" was like a psychopath was about to get them. The guy even tried to explain it, but they wouldn't have any part of it.

Those judges, though I can't stand to look at any of them without getting nauseated, are not ignorant, nor are they uneducated. They knew, without a doubt, that gentleman meant absolutely nothing rude or threatening with what he said. While I would love to think they are that stupid and didn't understand- even I have to give them credit they have the intelligence to know better.

Yet for the sake of drama, they played it out and they played it out long and hard.

If American Idol was about singing, and having good singers on the show, I might be able to tolerate it. But adding unrealistic drama and then calling it a "reality" show, it just doesn't do it for me. Last night was the last time I will forcefully hold down my dinner just because my wife wants me to watch something with her. Never, never again.

Be safe,

Texas W.

Ooops, maybe that was threatening- I mean- Have a great day.

Pretty Life Online said...

Simone is here again!!!! LOL! Hope to see you back at my corner too.. Whatz up? Have a great day!

Twerlyn said...

The hapifam loves to watch this show, infact wala mi absent ani, tan-aw jud ug ayo..comedy man gud kis-a, hehe!

Samot na kung contestant ka Darl, wala pa ko kadungog sa voice mo oi na nagkanta..i bet u have a great voice. maau ka pa. sos dream jud nako ng magkanta, aron maka vdeo-k pero wala jud ko talent bisag gamay ra.

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