Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy As A Bee

I am very busy lately, i cannot even find a little time to post even for a real quick update here. I've got a lot of things that i did and it is needed to be prioritized than blogging. I so missed blogging but obviously i cannot serve two masters at the same time, so i have to do the most important thing than updating my blog. I am totally sorry for those who keep on dropping here, to those who's reading my entries and left some sweet thoughts. I would like you to all know that i truly appreciate your presence here and your awesome words that you left here in my website.

Since we got back from a long trip we dealt with a lot of problems and i need to be with hubby most of the time. It is sad to tell you all that hubby is on a furlough right now and he is worried about his job. I must say that there is a worldwide crisis nowadays, it is not just here in United States of America that are cutting off some work, also in other side of the world. I feel so bad about it and i am just hoping that things will be better this year and the economy will be back to what it is suppose to so the people won't have hard times and not going to deal with financial shortage anymore.

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