Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Am Up To

What's going on co-blogger friends??? I have been so quiet for a long time, am i not? Well, i just had so much things going on lately that even to update my blogs real quick is very difficult for me to do... I so miss blogging but i have no enough time to do all the things at the same time. Anyway, now that i've got a little time, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you all my friends and loyal readers here for keep coming back although i haven't visited you all guys back yet. I will, i am sure to that if i have more extra free time.

Just to let you know what i am up to lately, i am busy quilting and knitting. I have made a lot of scarves already. My friend and i are planning to sell these products that i actually made myself on a very special occasion here soon in our town that is called "PEACH DAY". We are still planning on it, we aren't so sure of our plan yet but who knows? We might do it anyway. I also made cute aprons, and unfortunately i have no photos of these things i mention above yet since i didn't take a picture of them yet. I will show them all to you at my SEWING THATSKIE's blog soon. Also, recently i am busy making the invitation of a baby shower party for my friend. Actually it was her friend who's expecting a baby girl on March but since my friend asked me to help her, i made it for her.

So how about you all guys? What you been up to lately? Hope to hear from you soon, please don't be hesitant to leave your thoughts here, i will be waiting! Thank you!!!

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