Friday, February 17, 2012

My Little Aviator

It's not very often that i get good shots of my kids outside the house now since we are still having the winter season. I like it more outside because of the background makes it more natural and the lighting as well. I don't need to use a flash which i really am not fond of it that much, i only use it when it is needed. But, i am glad now that the natural light comes in our living room during the day while the little one watches his favorite shows on television, that way, i get to take some really nice pictures of him without him knowing it. Because there is no flash, he wouldn't realize that he is being taken picture of for i am using the natural light that is coming from our window.

Here's the sample shot of my little one while watching tv. He was so focused with whatever he was watching during this time, which i took advantage of it. Since i can never get him look at me to smile, i might as well grab the chance to take some stolen shots which i love the most really because i always capture the natural emotion. He was wearing his cute winter hat and it made him look like a pilot, or is he? I couldn't just resist the cuteness of this photo. Well, if you would say so, he is my son, be it, lol! But don't you agree with me? :D

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