Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fresh, Clean And Smells Good!

I always love to take picture of my youngest one especially when he just barely got out from the bathroom, he looks fresh, clean and smells good. You can just tell by these photos below i attached. He's more happy too because it makes him relax whenever i give him a real nice warm bath. That's just what i do when he starts to get cranky and kinda tell he's getting sleepy. I take him to the bathroom and let him enjoy the water in the tub for awhile.

These photos were taken last night and just by looking at him made me realize that my youngest is getting so big and somewhat no longer a baby. But! I still call him my baby. He was just being goofy here because he got what he wanted, the cologne. He in fact, poured all that cologne he's holding on to his body. It wasn't that much anyway though. I love his face reaction, it makes me wanna giggle some more with him when i see him doing the goofy look face, lol!

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