Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conference Calling Services

It was fun talking to my siblings earlier. We enjoyed our chat even though we have different time each one of us. The other one is from the other side of the world, while i am here the other side, and the one was in Philippines. So glad that we were able to use the conference calling services which we can talk in a group no problem. It really is an advantage nowadays with the technologies because we can communicate to our love ones in just a click away. You will see them and will be able to talk to them at the same time.

Big Is Beautiful

Being big doesn't mean that you can't really wear the clothes like slim body can. In fact, i saw some store here online that sells sexy clothing for plus size women. I really am impressed with the quality of the clothing they have in the online stores, plus the fact that they are on sale right now, and i must say that they must be good deals. They do have the lowest sale price this summer, and to the plus sized women should grab the chance to shop since they are offering low priced clothes.

I am amazed to some women with big bones how they wear their dress so nicely. They know how to pick clothes that suits them perfectly. They are wise to choose the best color that matches to their skin tones and to their personality. I already saw some that wears plus size clothes so presentably that in fact they look a lot more stunning than the slimmer body women. I know some plus size women that i really admire how they carry themselves, how they wear their clothes to make them look presentable and beautiful. As the saying goes, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So even if you are slim figured woman, if you don't know how to make yourself beautiful, and not wearing nice clothes that fits you well, then you won't be noticeable. So no matter what size you are, as long as you know how to make yourself presentable and beautiful, then you should flaunt it!

Appliance Removal Chicago

One thing i hate the most is to move from one place to another. Fortunately we own our house and we don't have a plan to move out from here and go somewhere else. I've got a lot of friends that's been moving here and there, their testimonials is tiring enough to hear, how much more the actual moving of theirs. They have to pack and unpack their things. Just that alone will drain so much of their energy. But they have no choice because they have to do for their job's sake.

Anyway, one of my closest friends from south part just moved in Illinois. She was dead tired when she finally got things organized to their new place. Luckily there was a helpful new neighbor of theirs told the couple to just call the Appliance Removal Chicago so their moving will be hassle free. It was a right timing because she realized that she doesn't need some of their furniture and appliances anymore for the company already have new ones ready for them to use. She was glad that they have new ones, if she'd known that before they moved there, she could've just left those in their old house. But oh well, she said that she's glad she got those taken cared of.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Disappointed At The Concert

I was honestly disappointed when i got to the concert field last Saturday where the Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey performed because i was really hoping that my DSLR could go through, but i failed! I already asked my friend who told me about the concert if the place will allow people to bring professional cameras inside since i already had an experience the first concert i went to (my DSLR didn't get through), which was the Air Supply in Wendover, Nevada.

So, i had no choice and went back to the parking lot and put the camera in the car. I had no other camera with me but the phone, which is not a very good one for it's only 3mp plus the fact that there's no special features to it. Anyway, this picture i have below was taken at my friend's house. I was so anxious and excited but was so dismayed when i saw the big sign by the entrance of the field, telling people, cameras that has detachable lenses are not allowed inside (professional cameras, DSLR). But i still am glad i went because i had fun with my friends. We enjoyed the night despite of my disappointment.
Excited for the concert

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Quote of the Day

I am having so much fun searching Love Quote of the Day over the net. I have read a lot of them and some of them makes me wanna giggle. They are just too cute and sometimes funny. I really love reading quotes because i find it entertaining and at the same time i learn from it. Some maybe boring but most of them are funny, cute and true. I also like sharing them to my close friends and even them finds it interesting. If i have nothing to say in my networking website's wall, i just have to find one and post it there...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cash Advance

I am honestly, desperately need some cash right now. My mother is sick for awhile and my sister is in the hospital too. I don't really know where to get money to send them since i don't have a job yet. I am currently applying for a job and i am hoping that i will be hired right away. And if that happens, i can find some place where they allow the cash advance while i don't have my salary yet. That way, i can send my family some cash, as soon as possible. I feel so bad, i feel like i am useless whenever they need my help and i can't do anything because i don't have income on my own. Now, it's time for me to do something, and i will definitely do it for the sake of my beloved family.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Kid

The article written by Victor Flowers

My teenage son has always been a great kid and never tried to get out of doing his assigned chores around our house. As he began to get older, he was always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks, as I refused to spend every penny I made on electronic games and all the other stuff he just “had to have.” Two summers ago, he noticed that our next door neighbor seemed to be having difficulty keeping his lawn neat and tidy, as he never seemed to be home from work early enough to do any yard work. My son asked if he could mow their lawn on a weekly basis and the neighbor was glad to pay him to help keep his yard in good shape. He did such a good job, other neighbors began to ask him to cut their lawns also and now he has all the work he can handle. Most of the people wanted to pay him with credit cards, so we went to find a method to handle the payments. He is happy to have the work-and the money-and I am happy he is doing something productive-and profitable!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes, My Hair Is Real

These photos were taken last 4th of July right before we went to the park to witness the beautiful fireworks display which i took some of it and posted in my photography website. I was testing my remote control making sure everything works so i can use it to do the fireworks photo shoot.

Anyway, as we walked by the park, i passed by a lady and kinda yelled at me and asked me if my hair is real. So i joked and told her that my hair is fake. And she said she doesn't believe me, so i replied "why bother asking me then?" She said that my hair is beautiful and she wishes that her hair is like mine. I was gonna tell her not to spray her hair to death so it won't be frizzy and brittle. But i kind of bit my tongue not to say it because it might sound like i am rude to her. So i just thanked her for her sweet comments to my hair.
Self portrait. Testing my remote control...Simply me :)

Personalized Christening Gifts

A friend of mine finally delivered her third child. She is really a cutie and a true angel sent from above. I admit, i am jealous to my friend because she's got three adorable girls now. Although she feels the same way because she's been longing to have at least one boy. Well, good for her because she is not fixed yet while i am already. She still can plan to have another baby soon as her newborn will grow. Anyway, she is planning to have her baby christened, and i already have mine and my other friends's personalized christening gifts ready for the christening day.

Panasonic Home Theater System

My mother just celebrated her 64th birthday and i am sad because i was not able to send her a gift even a simple card. But, i am happy that she celebrated another year of her life which is good and we her kids are wishing that she will be celebrating more years being with us. Anyway, she is happy that she got the panasonic home theater system a present from my younger brother. She now can sing and watch her favorite shows with it. That's her happiness, since she is always being left alone at home.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas Party Invitations

Isn't it a little early to receive a Christmas Party Invitations? Actually, i just did! Whew! I am not thinking of that right now since i would like to enjoy the summer first! We've been having a long winter days here and now that summer is finally here, i would not like to think about Christmas yet, since that holiday is obviously winter. It's gonna be cold again and i hate cold. But then, on the other hand, i am also glad that the early invitation was sent to me so i can prepare for it. As what they say, early birds catches worms lol!