Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Little Lady Is Out!

Yeah you read it right! My girl is now out and she is well taken cared of at the Intensive Care Unit. She's there because she is a bit early, she was supposed to be out on August 08 but i had frequent contractions and i was dilating already when i had my last prenatal appointment with my OB. So the doctor decided to rush me in the hospital where i was supposed to be admitted but unfortunately they don't have incubator and private room available, so the doctor told me better change my plan and be here in Cebu Doctor's Hospital because they have room for me and incubator for my little lady. So, i answered the doctor that it doesn't matter to me anymore as long as we will be saved.

Right now my little lady is still in her incubator because the doctor said she needs to be full term before she will be discharged from the hospital. I am sure that i will be out in the hospital before my little lady. But that's alright, i'll just visit her everyday until the time she gets out here. And if you want more story about my little lady, you can visit her website at Little Lady's Web Diary. Please visit her website so you can have a look on some of her pictures. Thank you and i truly appreciate all your prayers and warm thoughts for both of us. I will post all the details later here in my website when i am fully recovered and will be out here in the hospital. God bless everyone!


Mummy Sheng said...

congrats for having your adorable little girl! she is soo cute! she looks healthy. i do hope and pray her lungs gets stronger so she can go home with you. i'm sure all of you can't wait to cuddle her! btw, is your dear hubby there with you?

you take care. i also delivered via c/s so i know how difficult moving around can be.

god bless!

good to have you back!

mjsterling said...

I will pray for baby Deanne that her lungs will gets stronger soon so that she can get out from the incubator and be with her mommy...I know how hard for you to leave ur baby there in the hospital but you have to do it for her own good.

Anyway mamu basin ma auntie na pud ko usab kay si joy nag pregnancy test twice then positive daw lols..pwedi ask ato imong link sauna kadto gani e check nimo aron mahiabw an? lols

Jenny said...

Congratulations! Welcome to Baby Deanne! God bless! :)

Mimi said...

Congrats Dar, I wanna see your very cute little lady's photos. Please invite me to view, ok friend? My email is

Thanks a lot! I am praying for your baby's quick recovery.

Sunshine4Life said...

hi darlene, congrats for the new angel but a bit sad she came out too early. but don't worry with lots of prayer and strong will -- she will make it fine!

jst came in to visit. it's been ages since the last time.

take care.

MAARTE said...

Hi sisssss musta ka na??

miss na kita kelan ka ba babalik dito sa states? anyways ano name ng baby mo? send me pics naman

Mitch said...

Wow wish naa pod ko baby. How's your lil girl dae? I'm also praying for your baby. Take care always.I'm in Nebraska now. Hope I can see your baby girl hehehe.

Shoshana said...

Darlene, I'm praying that your little lady will go home with you soon. I used to cry when I had to leave my baby at NICU because of infection after birth. IT makes to strong to realize that he's there because it's safer for him. Still it's hard every time I leave him behind.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ngayon lang ako naka visit sa iyo.

basta take care there.......



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