Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Update

Maybe you guys are wondering now if i am planning to stop this blogging hobby of mine. Well, this i would assure you, i would never stop blogging as possible as i can. I love blogging but there are times that laziness strikes and nothing to brag about. I have a lot of things that is going on lately but it is not the thing that i would announce here in my website so people would know. I am a private kind of person and if i want to keep the certain things for myself, i would do it and especially if it's too personal to talk about over the net. I am sure you guys know what i am talking about. As of now, i am occupied of so many things and even though i haven't blog everyday, still i would like you guys to keep on dropping by here and i will try to get back at you all soon as i can. Just please bear with me as of now if i can't visit you or do your requests here, i will try to update your links or whatever you want me to do soon as i am back in blogging in full force. And i would like to thank you all loyal readers and droppers here, i truly appreciate your presence, Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Been So Long

It has been so long since i last updated this website. I have so many things to say but i couldn't find exact words to put here so i can tell you all in just a short message how am i doing lately. As for now i will just tell you real quick that i am doing good and happy being with my dear small family. Got some problems with my family back home but i am glad that my mother got out from the hospital and doing better right now. But still, she needs to be transferred to Cebu for her heart operation so she will be totally well with her heart breathing problem.

Anyway, i am very happy today for it is my very special day today. I was born March 04, 1981 and today is my 28th birthday. I am getting old but i would say i am getting smarter as well. Getting smarter to realize things around me and learn more lessons in life. Especially when we talk about being a wife and a mother to my son. I am very happy because i am celebrating my birthday with my dear loved ones and friends, who's always there for me when times i need them most. I am very happy because i can see that i am getting old with progress, fulfilled and most of all, happily married with my ever beloved husband dearie. I could not ask for anything more, GOD has given me all the blessings more than what i am expecting.

I would like to thank you all to my loyal visitors and readers here in my website that keep on visiting me and looking for some updates here. Finally, i am able to blog about what i am up to lately. I maybe not so much around like i used to but i am still updated of who is keep on peeping here and i want to thank you sincerely for that, i truly appreciate it.... Thank you so much!!!