Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busier Everyday

I know that i have been so lazy to update this blog of mine lately. But you know what? I suppose to share a lot of things but it isn't the right time yet to reveal. I am very excited nowadays that time is getting closer for me to tell you all how happy i am as days goes by. Though i have some small problems here and there but still i am happy knowing that i will be back in blogging in full force very soon. Plus the fact that it is summer now, my son is more active and wants to explore outside than being stuck here inside the house.

Sometimes he calls me "NO FUN MOMMY" for not being so cooperative of what he wants me to do. Like to play with him you know... Sometimes, there are things that i cannot just do, boy's stuff. He would prefer to play with daddy but unfortunately, daddy has to work every weekdays though so he doesn't have much time to spend with his son to play outside with him. But for now, i am trying to cooperate with his fun games that his minds creates. He is very imaginative boy, he likes to pretend things that are not existed, so i just have to support him from his interests because i believe that he will learn more by keep doing it.

I am quite busy lately, preparing things and being with my small family. Also i am hooked up to this farming game in another website that makes me feel stress free. I just feel so bad that i have been so outdated with the blogging lately, and i want to cope up of what i missed here. I hope i will be able to do that very soon.... And to all my loyal visitors, i would like you all to know that your visits are all deeply appreciated by me, and i cannot thank you enough for keep on visiting my blog although there is no update everyday. But i will try my very best to be back in full force soon as i can... So God bless everyone and have a good weekend!!!


Haze said...

Welkam back Darls. It's been a while! Same as me I don't really update my blog everyday nowadays. But it's good to see you back. Busy diay ka sa facebook.

Raquel said...

Hmm, are you pregnant?