Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Me American Version

A lot of people said that the little man in this picture above looks a lot like me. Which, i am so happy to know about it because my oldest son definitely doesn't look like me at all. His looks is a lot like his dad's, not to mention their same behavior and attitude. The only difference they have is their skin color and their eyes, but the rest are pretty much alike.

But this little potato of mine is more on me, his looks and his behavior too. Only our difference is our skin complexion, his eyes and hair color. In short, he is my mini me, male and american version lol! Sure our kids are perfectly mixed, the oldest one looks like daddy but brown colored skin, the little one looks like me but lighter skin and the eyes. Though they look different physically, they are our treasures in life, daddy and mommy's happiness and our source of strength.

Trade Show Booth

It was a fun weekend we had last Saturday. We went to a festival that has a lot of things to see and to enjoy. Just like the face painting with my kiddos. It was a free one but we gave the artist some tips, that's what usually people did before us who had their face painted as well. Also, there was lots of Trade show booth that you can find out there, there are also some booths that's selling some cute stuff and remembrance for that festival. We all came home tired but i am happy to see that my two boys had a blast on that day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Their Different Ways

Well, let's see, my little one is turning two years old soon in about couple of months to be exact but then i don't see any progress of him talking yet. He still makes noises and talks his own language (baby talk). So i am thinking that it might be best for him if i will buy some learning games so he will be more excited and have more perseverance to learn to talk clearly. He sure is quite different from his big brother, really they have a lot of things in common but then they also have things that they do in different ways.

Motor Home Repair

So hubby and i were just talking about motor home repair a little while ago. We're just wondering how much would it cost to own a motor home knowing that it has obviously maintenance. Taking care of it should make the motor home last longer. We're not really planning on getting one for ourselves but we were just interested how much usually would it cost to people that has it. Our neighbor across the street has one and they had it for quite sometime already but we haven't got the chance to chat with them and opened that topic up. We might one of these days.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Don't Chew Gum

So i just had my dental check up last week and i laughed when i got home because my oldest son asked me if there's gum i have. Well, it's the gum that the dental clinic gives away as dental supplies every after the cleaning session. He is getting used to it that whenever i go visit my dentist he gets to eat the gum i have in my bag with the toothbrush and toothpaste with it. I don't really chewing gum myself so i might as well give it to my son since he like chewing it and spit it out after he has all the sweet in it.