Friday, December 19, 2008

New Mexico Overnight Stay

We are now currently in Lubbock Texas. We decided to stop here since the next city is another long journey to take and it is getting late, my son is starting to complain that he is tired. Well, we all are tired from this long journey but indeed a very fun trip for us. Though we haven't got to our destination yet but i have a lot of things to share from our trip already.

Like when we had our overnight stay with my co-worker before back in Cebu Philippines. She is also a blogger, a stay home wife and a mother to her 2 year old son like me. Her name is Cora and she has her own WEBSITE where you can visit her and know a little bit more about her. A friendly woman with smiles in her face to greet you once you visit her blog. So take a look to some of the photos i took in her place!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Colorado Stop Over

We are now here in Cortez Colorado. We supposed to keep on going until one more City but we decided to stop here since our son started to whine and complain that he is tired. And i am very glad that i was able to tap an internet here in the hotel where we stayed at. So tomorrow we will be heading to New Mexico and we will see my friend who lived there with her family. I am so excited to see her and so as her. On Friday we will be heading to Texas and we will meet Anne who is living there. Another blogger and a stay home mother that i am going to meet for the very first time with her other friends like Rose and Annie. Then after Texas, i will go to my one of favorite friend, Ivy. I hope we will be able to see her sister and family as well.

This is gonna be a very long journey but it sure is will be a fun and memorable trip for us. I better get some rest now because we still have long ways to go! So see you friends soon!

By the way, i am trying my best to drop back to those droppers who are in my drop inbox!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pack Things Up

I've got a lot of things to do right now. I still have dishes waiting for me in the sink to be washed. I haven't packed our things yet and haven't done anything yet. I've been sitting here in front of my computer since i woke up. But after this, i promised myself to get up and do what i must do. I've got to get things ready or i will run out of time if i will keep on doing this. I just couldn't help myself! I think i am a computer addict now and can't live without it. Is there a cure for this? lols!

But anyway, seriously i have to get our clothes packed and after that i have to run to the store so i can get the things that we need to bring for our trip tomorrow. I must get something for my son to munch so he will be good during the trip. For him, he doesn't mind to be stuck in his car seat as long as he's got something to eat, to play(we'll bring some small toys of his) and he is good to go. I hope the weather will be kind to us as we travel so we will have a safe trip to Georgia. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

House Cleaning

I've got a very busy Sunday. I started cleaning the house last night. I folded all the clean clothes, sweep the computer room, dust the living room and picked up all the scattered toys of my son. This morning i washed the dishes and cleaned the stove and the microwave. I load another two batch of dirty clothes and hang them in the clothes line. I wipe everything in the kitchen including the chairs, tables and all the counters and sprayed some air freshener. I am not even quite done yet. I need to relax because my back is starting to complain. I even forgot i haven't eaten anything yet!

That's how i am, once i started to clean the house, i don't wanna stop because if i do, it will take me ages again before i get myself to move and do what i must do. Right now i just want to sit for a little bit and might as well that i am sitting here, i am gonna let you all know what i am up to. I will be back on my cleaning session again in a bit. I need to do it or else, i'll get lazy again. I was going to roll in the bed all day but no one's gonna take my place anyway, so i have no choice but to do it myself and finish my work as fast as i can!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Christmas Tree Is Up

We have our Christmas tree up since the last week of November. I was just too lazy to take a picture of it because i have a lot of things going on lately aside from blogging. But i am glad i finally found a little time to take a picture of our very tall tree. It is tall for me because i am a small person and petite. That's why hubby is always the one's who decorate it because i cannot reach the tree to the very top. It is 8 feet tall and i am not even quite 5 feet. So big difference indeed. Hubby is quite a tall guy, he is 6 feet flat that's why he kind of reach it to the very top of the Christmas tree.

And besides, i am very lazy when it comes to decorating. I am not really that interested but since hubby is always ready to get the tree up, well that's better for me. I helped a little bit putting this tree up but hubby did most of it. It is not quite done yet though, still we have more Christmas ornaments to put in that tree and we will do it later today. When holidays will be over, i know it is hubby who will take this tree down again. Poor hubby! But he loves doing it so i just let him do it, lols!

Friday, December 12, 2008


It has been couple of weeks now that i cannot get enough sleep during at night. I think my insomnia is attacking me again. I tried to do something like drinking milk or making myself really really tired so i can sleep right away. But my little brain is always busy thinking a lot of things. I've been like this lately, drowsy during the morning. I tried to take at least a quick nap in the afternoon but it doesn't still work for me. I don't know what to do with this. My body is tired but my eyes and mind are wide awake.

Hubby is worried about me because we are going to Georgia soon and if i am feeling like this still, he doesn't want to go. I convinced him that i can manage myself well and he doesn't have to worry about me. I hope i can sleep at least 5 hours during night time, i would be happy enough. My eyes look so tired but my mind can't seem to stop thinking. i get headaches sometimes because lack of rest and sleep. I hope i will be better before our coming trip.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Am Over It

This was my little Deanne from the very day she was out from my tummy. I still can remember how lovely she was the first time i saw her, she was just like her big brother, they look so much a like when my son was born. I shed so much tears and felt unexplainable pain in my heart the day she left me. I was unable to let my life function like it was before, because of her, she left me. I tried to cheer myself up but it wasn't the same as before i had her.

But last night she talked to me in my dreams. She told me not to be sad anymore because she is now happy and she loves the place where she at right now. She is well taken cared of and have so many friends around her. She also told me that i didn't lost her, she will always be with her family no matter what. She was begging me not to be sad and let her go. She cannot just simply be happy knowing i am still grieving here. I woke up with tears in my eyes. Tears of joy, that finally i was able to talk to my little lady and got everything cleared up for me. She said that i don't have to blame myself for what had happened to her because there was a reason for it. She also told me that i have to count my blessings because that is more important than counting what i lost. She said i still have her Dad and kuya MD to take care of, and they need me most than her.

Right now, i am telling myself that my daughter is right. She is indeed happy to where she is at now. And i am letting her go because that's what makes her happy. She is assuring me that i will be happy and more blessings will come my way, even better blessings that i won't expect to have. I am very happy now that finally, i am getting over the pain and enjoy what life has to offer me. I am getting over it, getting over the pain for losing my child even though not totally but i know deep in my heart that i am well, happy and have peace of mind.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eye Check-up

I just barely got back from my eye check-up appointment. The doctor said that my eyes are alright but he has suspicions of me having a Glaucoma. At the very young age he is scared for me. He was thankful that i set an appointment before my eyes got really really bad because he said that if my eyes lost a lot of visions already before i had my appointment there is no way to bring it back. It got me scared though because he told me that usually old people are the one's get glaucoma, and look at me, i am only late 20's but i am high risk of glaucoma already.

The doctor explained everything to me, he saw that my eyeball cup is very unusually deep. He asked me if i know anybody of my immediate family has glaucoma. Also he can see that my eyes are offly dry, which causes irritations and sandy feeling so often, especially if i am in front of my computer too much or i am stress. So he advised that i should put my eyes some lubricant eye drops three times a day to prevent from irritations and redness due to the dryness of my eyes. Well, i am just hoping and praying that my eyeball cup won't change, because if it will, like what the doctor said, it should be to worse and not to better. That's why i cannot go out without my glasses on or i will be like a walking blind person.

Excuse me of my groggy, lookin' tired face. I slept so late last night and woke up so early this morning.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Fixed! It's Fixed!!!!

Yahooooo! My laptop is back on the track! I was really frustrated and upset last night because i cannot use my lappy. Desperate to find some solution so i decided to download a recovery disc from limewire not knowing i have my own when hubby bought this lappy. I didn't just realize that i got a recovery disc because it doesn't look like it. I thought it was just another freebie disc when i had this. I cried so hard because i felt like i am not going to complete my day anymore because my lappy is broken, good thing i was able to fixed it myself! My laptop is part of my daily life, and without this i will be so unhappy.

I really thought i was going to wait for days and days to get this laptop fixed. In fact, i did call the computer store nearby hometown just inquiring if they can fix my computer soon as possible, but they told me that they will have look at it first and see what is the program is messed up. And can you imagine i am going to pay for it like $65 US dollars an hour? Heck no! Forget it! So that makes me sad even more and blamed myself for being so careless! But i am thankful now that i did fixed it by myself. I told myself that i messed it up so i have to fix it myself too and i did! Hahahahhaha! No one just don't have any idea how happy i am right now. And from now on, i promised to myself not to be careless anymore and if i want to uninstall a program, i have to make sure that i clicked the right one. What's good thing about it is, when i reformatted the laptop is, there was no changes, i didn't lose any of the programs that i installed here, it's still the same as before.

Well, i need to get this entry finished so i can drop now, i so missed my lappy because this is a lot faster to drop than my desktop. I hardly use my desktop now, if only i have something in there to do and i don't have it here in my lappy. But pretty much of the program in my desktop are here in my lappy as well that's why it is very seldom that i use my desktop. Hubby does use it all the time. Well, we suppose to take this lappy to where hubby bought it but since i got it fixed, there is no need to.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Broken Laptop

Oh my! My lappy is broken! I don't know what happened! I was using it last night and checked the control panel and i thought i uninstalled the program that i want to get rid but i guess i uninstalled something else instead. I hope my laptop will get fixed soon. It won't open. But last night i was able to open it but i cannot click the task bar icons and also the start menu. Goodness! Hubby said that we will take my computer where we bought it so they can fix it for me.

I am so sad, my ever favorite toy is sick, and i need to take it to the experts so they can fix it right away. I am using my desktop right now, i love my lappy better because it is so handy and i can drag it anywhere i want to go inside the house and also it is faster than this desktop. If this is not gonna be okay today, i will tell hubby that better take this lappy of mine tomorrow to the technician because i cannot drop here at my desktop computer because the websites loads too slow. I might not be able to meet my quota today which is i drop 300 to each of my websites.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pay Per Post Rejected

I was a little bit upset last night because this blog was being rejected to the pay per post making money website. This blog was the first one i registered to their site to start making money online. But was disgusted when i found out that this will no longer make money from them. Well, what can i do? They just did their job to sort the websites that has been registered to their site and reject those websites that they don't like or feel, lols! But anyway, i hope that this website will do good on the other paid post websites. It's just too slow lately and i am starting to get worried about it. That's why there are a lot of times i am thinking that maybe it is best for me to go out and find a real job that earns money that is enough to support my mother back home.

I have been thinking that over and over and can't seem to finalize my decision whether if i will find a job or better stay home. I am considering my son. He will be sent to a daycare center or a baby sitter enable for me to work, but i cannot afford to lose even a day that i cannot take care of my son. I am sure i will be worried while i am at work and i cannot work properly because my mind will always be with him. I don't know, i feel like i am really trapped into two situations that i feel like i am oblige to do at the same time. I wish i can do something to make money while just at home aside from blogging, but what? I have no idea. I know God is so good that he sees all our needs and he won't fail me i am sure. I will just keep on praying and GOD will take care of the rest that i need.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Got Tagged Again!

I got tagged again! I haven't been doing some tag from my dear friends because first, i have no enough time to do it and what to answer the questions on the tags, plus i don't feel like to tag others as well because i was still giving my time to settle down after what had happened to my daughter. But now that i am better, i am now willing to receive tags from my beloved friends and even to those hoppers here, you guys can tag me as long as it is not so difficult to do! lols!

And i know that i broke one rule of this tag about the editing because i put my name on it, but never did retouched my looks after i got home from a friend's big party. Mommy Umma tagged me with this "SHOT ON THE SPOT" a little while ago now but i wasn't able to do it right away because i was really occupied lately with my very busy life. But anyway, finally i was able to post this entry tonight. Thank you so much Mommy, and here's my picture!

1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW!.
2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5)Tag 10 people to do this..
Now I am tagging 10 people according to the rules...:)

Pretty Ivy, Anne, Shiela, Ritchiela, Jenny, Shabem, Recel, Mommy In-in, Beverly, and Coraflor. Now it is your turn to do this tag friends! So please do this for me, lols!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pouring My Emotions

I was spanked when i was just a little girl and i turned out to be a fine person, God fearing, respectful and a loving kind. This issue had started at my son's blog and until now it bothers me so much. Now that i am a mother, i am trying to be a best mother as i can like how my mother raised me. She is firm yet loving kind to us her children. She punish us every time we are not minding her and we are beyond the limit, she then explains us why we got spanked. And i love her even more now because i realized that she did all that for me to be one good person today. She taught me how respect others and to be an open minded to everyone.

I love to hear others's opinions but not to the point of hurting my feelings and sounding like i am a bad mother. Some people just jumps into conclusions right away without even knowing the person that they are being judged. If i don't know that certain person, i don't certainly judge, or even if i know the person so well i still have no right to judge because i myself is not perfect. If someone told me that she or he is a bad person then i wanna know her/his side as well. It is not because someone told me that he or she is a bad person i will believe to that person right away, i want to hear both sides for me to realize who is telling the truth. I make my own realization not depending on what someone else's said. I am being so real here because i got very upset with these very judgemental people that came across to my website and leaving not so pleasant words.

Like i said, i am doing what i think is best and effective for my son and i am doing it because there is a reason. I spank him, afterwards i explain to him why, then we will hug each other telling him that i don't want him to do such things that is not right. In that way, i see my son learning from his mistakes and seeing him not hating me because he knows that i did it to him because i don't want him to be put in the most worst situation like what happened to him almost 2 years ago that he burned his finger because he didn't listen and mind me. He was very fascinated with the glaring fire and thought it won't hurt him but it did and he screamed and cried so hard. As a mother, i felt bad. Also there is one time he went outside without me knowing it, he sneaked at the back door and too late that i found out he was on the loose.

I love my son so much and i know every mothers in the world feels the same way for their children. So please stop judging me for you don't know me personally at all. You don't even have no idea how my parents brought me up, so please do your motherhood your own way and i will do mine that i think is best for my child. This is indeed a very delicate issue to talk about, and i don't try to interfere every mother's opinion because that is their way and i got my own way as well. I just realized that it's the people by nature for being judgemental to someone, even though they finished a high degree course if that is what they are, then it will come out by nature. I am putting an end to this issue and i hope that these judgemental people will leave me alone. I don't judge you because i don't know who you are and what kind of upbringing you apply to your kids and like i said i respect every mothers so please do the same way to me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is It Legal or Illegal???

I have a post in my son's website about his potty training that has title He Made It!. Of course as a mother, i would be proud to tell the whole world of every accomplishments of my son, like he is now finally potty trained. We don't have to buy him big bags of diaper or pull ups anymore. But there's one thing i mentioned in there in my post that sometimes i SPANK my son because sometimes he tried to hold it and doesn't want to go to potty. Some commented that my son will be so mad when he grow up and sees his pictures that i posted, so i answered their comments that i am sure my son won't be mad at me.

Keeping his childhood pictures just like those pictures that i posted, is part of his growing. And he will be smart enough to understand that i am just telling the whole world the accomplishment he just did. And there was one blogger commented and seems like she is invading my right for being a mother to my son. She is trying to insist that i should not SPANK my son because it can cause conflicts to his feelings and it is ILLEGAL. I know what i am doing, as long as i am not putting some bruises or cuts to my son's body then i am not harming him, and i don't think that spanking your child is ILLEGAL, maybe in her country it is. She is trying to tell me that i should let my son do what he wants to do, in short to be free like CRAZY.

Well, as for my opinion, it doesn't go that way. Child has to be guided by the parents because they don't know what is RIGHT from WRONG yet, they don't know if they are doing the right thing or not because they have no idea of everything that is going on here in our cruel world. And if a child doesn't listen after few times you attempt to tell him not to do such things, then parents should do something about it so the child will realize that you really mean to stop what he was doing (bad things or for being stubborn). I spank my son just for him to realize that he did something wrong, and of course after his punishment i will explain it to him what mistake did he do for him to learn not to do it again. I love my son so much and i think every mother loves their children. I don't want my son to be a spoiled brat and wild when he grow up.

I want him to be a good example to his friends, to the society we live in and to every people he meets. I want him to practice the Filipino traits, good manners, and proper behavior. For i strongly believed that Filipinos are very affectionate and loving kind. I don't intent no harm for my dear young man. And i better spank him now than to regret later on that i didn't discipline him. So if you are a mother like me, would you rather spank you child for him to realize his mistakes or let him go what he wants and regret later?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!!!

I know this is some kind of late but still i want to greet my dearest hubby a Happy Birthday and may he celebrate more birthdays with us his family and be happy for years and years to come. To my dear Mr. Big Heart, I love you so much and Happy Birthday my beloved behalf!

He Chose The Best One

My brother in law got a new Yamaha motorcycle. He bought it because his old motorcycle was falling apart and he has been using it for years and years that's why he decided to buy a new one. He chose the Yamaha because he said that it is more dependable and reliable when it comes to talk about yamaha motorcycle parts. It is very difficult to find it in the stores and also it lasts long unlike the other motorcycle models. And i would say that if i am going to buy my youngest brother a motorcycle for he is requesting it to me, i would choose the Yamaha as well, because i have heard a lot of testimonials about how good it is.

Ten Top Droppers

I would like to thank you all Top Ten Droppers of this website. I truly appreciate you all for spending some time to drop by and read my entries here as well. Thank you so much once again and hope to see you all next month! God bless!

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