Monday, September 29, 2008

Hottest Car

When i first got here in America one thing i noticed is the different kinds of cars and i must admit that i am wishing i can own nice car like what i have now. Hubby said that picking a good car should consider the engine and the durability on it. And he mentioned to me that Pontiac cars are one of the hottest car to own, he's got one before a two seated kind of car and he upgraded it, he said there was a pontiac supercharger to that one and he missed that car because it was really good and dependable. He told me that next year he is planning to buy a new Pontiac car again. I love two seater kind of car too, looks neat and very cute to own.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Leaving On Wednesday

Yes finally the day we leave is fast approaching and i cannot wait to get back home once again and be with my dear husband. He's been by himself since i left last May. He came here in Philippines for a little over three weeks to be with us and also to unwind after what had happened to our dear little girl. I am a little scared though that soon as i get back home i will be sad and feel self pity and going to miss my dear little lady and will keep crying because i have no one to talk to aside from my son during the time when husband goes to work. I still can't believe i have been through all this, for me i still can't convince myself about what had happened.

Anyway, God knows better so i just surrender everything to him for i am sure he's got great plans for me ahead. As far as i understand LIFE is not all about HAPPINESS, there's should also SADNESS and i admit that i already felt it. What i had recently is the saddest part of my whole life and i know i can make it through with the help of my dear loveones and also my friends who's concerned about me. I must go on and will pray that HAPPINESS will be in my heart once again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Broken Air Conditioner

Staying here in Philippines for a vacation is very fun and enjoyable since i was born here and grew up as well. But sometimes it can also be annoying especially when it gets so hot outside and there will be no fresh air coming in inside the house. That's why a lot of people here are using air conditioning unit to alter the hotness of the tropical weather here in Philippines. Which reminds me that our air conditioner back home is broken and after the winter we are surely gonna use it so i am telling my husband the air conditioning compressor that is really good when it comes to make the people feel more comfortable staying inside the house. I need to tell my dear husband ahead about it so there will be no problem during the summertime.

Anxious Me

Everyone knows i am here in Philippines with my son. My hubby came here for a little while to make sure we are alright with our dear son. Even though a lot of things happened unexpectedly but here i am trying to be strong for my family and for myself as well. It will be a week from now and we will be back home with my son and be with my dear husband, we will be together as family once again. I am just too anxious and excited to get there for i am feeling like i been through a lot of stress here physically and emotionally, i want to rest my body and my mind for a while. Hubby can't wait for us to get there too since he's been by himself for a long long time there in our house. Oh well things happened and i do admit that there are also things that i cannot forget here in pinas during my vacation.

Trouble No More

Sometimes we buy car and we don't get the satisfaction of the engine on how good it is as we want to have for our new car. When hubby bought me a new car he made sure that there will be no problem that i will encounter because i don't know how to fix my own car. Also he made sure that i will be comfortable when i am driving during the winter or especially in the summer, so he got me the charger just like what he saw with his friend's audi turbocharger. I am very happy and blessed having my husband because he does fix car and knows what is best for me to be comfortable when i drive my car. After hubby put the turbocharger in my car i have no more trouble or even encountered small problems with it. Having the turbocharger is indeed very helpful to me and making me feel safe with my car.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Starting All Over Again

I am assuming that most of my close friend bloggers knew already what happened to my dear little lady. I am not going to tell all the readers here the details of what actually happened for it can only break my heart over and over again everytime i think of my precious little girl. Please forgive me guys if no questions will be answered here if you will dare to ask me about my little lady, i am trying to recover now and convincing myself that everything will be fine and telling myself that life must go on because i have my family who loves me and needing me still. The family i have is the toughest wall i can lean on during the times like this since i am like a very delicate glass, that once i break, it is hard for me to get back and live my life normally as if nothing happened.

Until now my heart is aching, still feeling the pain for losing my dear little lady, i felt like i died too when she left me and totally forgotten my dear beloved husband and so as my sweet son who's always there for me to give love and comfort. Although i am gradually recovering physically but my heart is badly wounded still, can't help my tears to fall everytime i think of my little lady, been asking myself where did i go wrong? Well, I am sure GOD has a better plan for me, i may not understand what's HIS purpose right here and then but i know HE will reveal HIS good purpose in HIS due time.

Hubby is so worried about me soon as we go back home with our son, he's thinking that i will be by myself with our dear son and i have no one to talk to that can comfort me during the time when he will be at work. He's a little scared i might not be able to bring back myself like i was before, lively, bubbly, happy person, and cheerful to sad friends that needs my company. Hubby wants me to go out with some of my friends but i told him that i need to be alone for a while to avoid such questions that will hurt me real bad again.

I know that my GENUINE friends will not leave me, they will help me, take care of me and assist me here in blogging world so i can keep myself busy and start all over again. So please readers, respect my silence, some people have already invaded my privacy and i am hoping they now realized what damage they have done. And to those blogger friends who consoled me, i truly appreciate your warm thoughts, thank you so much and bless your heart for cheering me up. God bless....