Monday, July 28, 2008

My Little Lady

Everyday i am visiting my little lady at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and before i get in there i motivate myself to be tough for her because i do believe that the child get their strength from the mother. I have to be strong and show it to her so she will realize that Mommy is always beside her, ready to give her warm touch and love. I always talk to my little lady telling her everyone is excited to see her in person and also her dresses and cute shoes are in the bag waiting for her to wear them. I can't wait to cuddle my daughter in my arms and give her my comfort and love all the time. She is so precious to me and i cannot find enough words that could express how much i love her. Also, i am very excited to see her wearing the cute dresses i have for her, i am sure she will be the cutest new born baby in Mommy's eyes.

Pants For Outdoor

Pants are really comfortable to wear espcially if you are having some kind of activities espcially outdoor. The tactical pants are more comfortable and best pants to wear to some outdoor exercises. Not only that, when you are on job if you are police or military tactical pants has a lot of designs and styles that suits you best. I already looked at the website and got interested to buy some for my younger brothers and i am sure they are going to love the pants that i picked for them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Little Lady Is Out!

Yeah you read it right! My girl is now out and she is well taken cared of at the Intensive Care Unit. She's there because she is a bit early, she was supposed to be out on August 08 but i had frequent contractions and i was dilating already when i had my last prenatal appointment with my OB. So the doctor decided to rush me in the hospital where i was supposed to be admitted but unfortunately they don't have incubator and private room available, so the doctor told me better change my plan and be here in Cebu Doctor's Hospital because they have room for me and incubator for my little lady. So, i answered the doctor that it doesn't matter to me anymore as long as we will be saved.

Right now my little lady is still in her incubator because the doctor said she needs to be full term before she will be discharged from the hospital. I am sure that i will be out in the hospital before my little lady. But that's alright, i'll just visit her everyday until the time she gets out here. And if you want more story about my little lady, you can visit her website at Little Lady's Web Diary. Please visit her website so you can have a look on some of her pictures. Thank you and i truly appreciate all your prayers and warm thoughts for both of us. I will post all the details later here in my website when i am fully recovered and will be out here in the hospital. God bless everyone!

Monday, July 7, 2008

See you Friends

Hello everyone! It has been long time ago since i visited my own websites here and had the chance now to update this one. Goodness sakes! I miss my blogging world so much and i miss my dear friends here, to those loyal friends that keep on visiting me here and reading my latest entry that i got and my apology for not updating my blogs that very often since i have only a small chance to get online because i don't have my own internet. Well, i am very happy now that i got the chance to update this one, so i took this chance to write what's in my mind.

I just want to tell all my friends that there's a little changes on my delivery date of my little girl, it will be on August 08 2008 at around 7 o'clock in the morning at Perpetual Succour Hospital in Cebu. So to those bloggers who's residing in Cebu, you might want to pay me a visit there and we'll see each other there soon next month. Thank you all guys for keep on visiting my blogs and reading my entries. I am anxious and excited to see my little girl and a bit scared as well for the operation coming but i know i can make it though. So pray for both of us, me and my baby that everything will all goes well during the delivery operation. God bless everyone!